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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Do you find big cats like tigers or lions beautiful or do you find them scary?

Friday at 09:50 AM
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I respectfully disagree - I think her voice is beautiful, and perfect for what this video is for. The normal/dialogue podcasts elsewhere in this site have some problems with being too rigid, but these little video narrations are quite different. They are like little poems, and are in the style of certain narrations on Thai TV.

Thursday at 05:17 PM
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สวัสดีค่ะคุณแฟรงค์, thank you very much for your comment! My name is พิม. Nice to meet you! So how long have you been studying Thai? And are you living in Thailand at the moment?

แฟรงค์ pissontheroof
Saturday at 02:36 AM
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I think for me the thai speaker is very rigid / not casual voice which for me would be easier to speak since the thai i know is very casual