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Lesson Transcript

Let's try it one more time, okay. Hello, guys! Welcome back! I’m Jay, and today we're going to do 10 foods that will kill you faster. I think this lesson is very fun, so if you're ready, let's begin!
1. ข้าวโพดคั่ว (khâao-pôht-kûa) "microwave popcorn"
It won't kill you, but if you eat a lot, you would get fat, right? I mean, food. I love that, you know, popcorn!
2. น้ำอัดลม (nám àt lom) "soda"
Who doesn’t like soda? Come on! But I understand, like, it's not good for your health, it’s very unhealthy.
ฉันชอบน้ำอัดลม (chǎn châawp nám àt lom) "I love soda."
3. บะหมี่กึ่งสำเร็จรูป (bà-mìi gùeng săm-rèt rûup) "instant noodle"
This is a formal word for "instant noodle”, but in Thailand, บะหมี่กึ่งสำเร็จรูป (bà-mìi gùeng săm-rèt rûup), it’s quite long, so we shorten in it to มาม่า(maa-mâa). The word มาม่า(maa-mâa) is a brand, one of the most famous instant noodle name in Thailand, that's why we use it to refer to instant noodle.
"I eat instant noodle every day."
ฉันกินมาม่าทุกวัน (chǎn gin maa-mâa thúk wan);
or, formally,
ฉันกินบะหมี่กึ่งสำเร็จรูปทุกวัน (chǎn gin bà-mìi gùeng săm-rèt rûup thúk wan).
4. มันฝรั่งทอดกรอบ (man fà-ràng thâawt gràawp) "potato chips"
We have Tom Yam Kung flavor! I love this flavor a lot, like, spicy and sour and salty, and a bit of sweet.
"I want to buy potato chips."
ฉันอยากซื้อมันฝรั่งทอดกรอบ (chǎn yàak súue man fà-ràng thâawt gràawp)
5. อาหารแช่แข็ง (aa hăan châae khăeng) "frozen food"
In Thailand a lot of people who don't have time to cook for themselves, like, either they don't have time, or they’re lazy, like me. I’m really lazy when it comes to cooking, so normally we just go and buy frozen food. All Thai food that you can name of, you can find it in a form of frozen food, like Tom Yam Kung, green curry, ข้าวมันไก่(khâao man gài), like anything at all.
6. เนยเทียม (nooei thiiam) "margarine"
Ok, I have never cooked using margarine before, so I’ll give you sample sentence.
"I eat bread with margarine" ฉันกินขนมปังกับเนยเทียม (chǎn gin khà-nŏm bpang gàp nooei thiiam)
7. เนื้อสัตว์แปรรูป (núuea sàt bpraae rûup) "processed meat"
I think it means sausage, like ham, those wwere processed.
ฉันใช้เนื้อสัตว์แปรรูปในการทำอาหาร (chăn chái núuea sàt bpraae rûup nai gaan tham aa-hăan) "I use processed meat to cook food."
8. เบคอน (bee-khaawn) "bacon"
That’s why I have been thin before, I mean like all the food that I like is fattening. Anyway, “bacon”, like, "I fry bacon" ฉันทอดเบคอน (chăn thâawt bee-khaawn).
9. ทุเรียน (thú riian) "durian"
It is fruit, like, Thai fruit, but besides the fact that it’s fattening, it can literally kill you, if you eat it with alcohol, like beer. There's some chemical reaction going on inside your body, and your belly become heated up and you can die. I recommend you not to try eating durian with alcohol, it’s very dangerous.
10. นมข้นหวาน (nom khôn wăan) "condensed milk"
It’s very fattening food that is very very tasty. In Thailand we eat it with different kinds of food, like drink, we put it into Milo, coffee, like Thai milk tea. We also eat it with bread, and also snow cone. So it’s really popular in Thailand, but if you eat it purely, it’s very fattening. Just to warn you guys, but you should try it.
We’re done for today! Thank you guys for watching, today we have done 10 foods that will kill you faster. I hope you are enjoying the lesson, and please don't forget to subscribe our channel. Thank you and see you next time.

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