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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome to top 25 Thai verbs!
1. ไป (bpai) Go.
Like, you go somewhere. ฉันไปโรงเรียน (chǎn bpai roong-rean) I go to school.
2. กิน (gin) Eat.
So you can use it with everything adult, and sometimes we use it with water too like in English, you use drink. You drink, like, water, you drink juices, but in Thai you can say กิน (gin) for water as well, like, ฉันกินน้ำ (chǎn gin náam) like, I drink water, like, ฉันกินข้าว (chǎn gin khǎo). Actually I love this word. I love it because I eat a lot and I love Thai food and my favorite is ต้มยำกุ้ง (tôm-yam-gûng). I think everyone knows about this dish anyway like its famous worldwide I guess. Thai herbs and shrimps I love – it’s like spicy soup in Thai. So yeah you should try.
3. ดื่ม (dùuem) Drink.
ดื่ม (dùuem) is more like more grammatically correct but like speaking wise, they can use both, like ดื่ม (dùuem). ดื่มเบียร์ (dùuem biia) beer, I drink beer. ดื่มน้ำ (dùuem náam) I drink water, ดื่ม (dùuem) anything.
4. ฟัง (fang) Listen.
Listen. ฟังดนตรี (fang don-dtrii) I listen to music. ฺฉันฟังวิทยุ (chǎn fang wít-tha-yú) I listen to a radio.
5. พูด (phûut) Speak.
For example, you want to say like I can speak Thai, ฉันพูดภาษาไทยเป็น (chǎn phûut phaa-sǎa-thai bpen) like talking, you also can use this with, like, ฉันพูดกับเพื่อน (chǎn phûut khàp phûuen) I talk with my friends. Yeah you can use this with many circumstances.
6. อ่าน (àan) Read.
For me I don’t really like reading that much. I mean, like, I read, like, every textbooks because I need to but then, like, everyone needs to read textbook right but then like normally I don’t read nowadays.
7. เขียน (khǐian) Write.
เขียน (khǐian) write. You write a letter คุณเขียนหนังสือ (khun khǐian nǎng-sǔue) you write something.
8. นอน (naawn) Sleep.
Oh this is my favorite, my favorite activity among all. Sleep นอน (naawn). Like you sleep นอน (naawn) like, I love to sleep the most like you can use this word for taking a nap as well, like a nap, or like, sleep at night, you just say like นอน (naawn).
9. นั่ง (nâng) Sit.
Sit, sit is นั่ง (nâng). Like you are sitting ฉันนั่ง (chǎn nâng) like you are sitting on a chair ฉันนั่งบนเก้าอี้ (chǎn nâng bon kǎo-îi)
10. ยืน (yuuen) Stand.
You have sit, you have stand like, okay, standing up ยืนขึ้น (yuuen-khûen)
11. ทำ (tham) Do.
Okay you do homework ฉันทำการบ้าน (chǎn tham gaan-bâan) like I do some work like ฉันทำงาน (chǎn tham ngaan) like I work.
12. เดิน (dooen) Walk.
Walk, เดิน (dooen), like you walk along the street. ฉันเดินบนถนน (chǎn dooen bon tha-nǒn) Yeah walking like for me, I hate walking. I don’t know why I am telling this.
13. อยาก (yàak) Want.
You want something. You use this word often. In English, it might sound a bit rude if you are saying like oh I want this, I want that, okay I want water, but in Thai, it’s a normal word, you use it very often like I want to drink water ฉันอยากดื่มน้ำ (chǎn yàak dùuem náam) anything that you feel like wanting to do.
14. เปิด (bpòoet) Open.
เปิด (bpòoet). ฉันเปิดประตู (chǎn bpòoet bprà-dtuu) means “I open door”. It can also mean turn on, like, turn on the light ฉันเปิดไฟ (chǎn bpòoet fai). You can use it that way as well.
15. ปิด (bpìt) Close.
So you have open, now you have close. So close in Thai means ปิด (bpìt), like, ปิด (bpìt). You close the window ฉันปิดหน้าต่าง (chǎn bpìt nâa-dtàang) you close the door ฉันปิดประตู (chǎn bpìt bprà-dtuu) also like you know you turn off the light. This is the light.
16. หาย (hǎai) Be lost.
In Thai, you say it like ฉันทำของหาย (chǎn tham khǎawng hǎai) like I really lost something. I can’t find it. If you are too, then this word often like me. So yeah.
17. ถาม (thǎam) Ask.
ฉันอยากถามคุณ (chǎn yàak thǎam khun) meaning in English, I want to ask you something, like that. So do you want to ask me something? I guess not.
18. รัก (rák) Love.
Love, รัก (rák). I love this word, I like this word a lot because I use it often to my friends, to my family, to my dog, my puppy you know. So when you want to say like I love you, you say ฉันรักคุณ (chǎn rák khun). So if you are a girl and you want to be cuter, you say like รักนะ (rák ná) ฉันรักคุณนะ (chǎn rák khun ná), and for guys you want to say it back to the girl, you say ผมรักคุณครับ (phǒm rák khun khráp). That’s for guys. Girls will love that if you say that too.
19. ขาย (khǎai) Sell.
I sell stuff on the street. ฉันขายของบนถนน (chǎn khǎai khǎawng bon tha-nǒn) If you want to ask people, are you selling this? คุณขายอันนี้ไหม (khun khǎai an-níi mǎi) Like if you want to buy them.
20. ชอบ (châawp) Like.
Like, I like sushi, I will say ฉันชอบกินซูชิ (chǎn châawp gin bon suu-chi). You can use this word to anything that you like.
21. เกลียด (glìiat) Hate.
I hate hot weather. Ironically, yes, I’m from Thailand, but I hate hot weather so much that now I am sweating like I really hate heat. Okay, you hate hot weather, you say ฉันเกลียดอากาศร้อน (chǎn glìiat aa-gàat ráawn). Hate, เกลียด (glìiat).
22. ดู (duu) Watch.
ฉันดูหนัง (chǎn duu nǎng) you watch movie. You watch TV, like ฉันดูทีวี (chǎn duu thii-wii) TV, like, watch.
23. ซื้อ (súue) Buy.
If you like shopping like me, you use this word very, very often. ฉันชอบซื้อของ (chǎn châawp súue khǎawng) I like to buy things. I would recommend you to go to MBK. It is in the center of Bangkok. It is very famous shopping place for foreigners. You should visit that though. I love that. Like there is lot of stuff there and it’s cheap.
24. วาดรูป (wâat-rûup) Draw.
Draw in Thai you say วาดรูป (wâat-rûup). วาด (wâat) is the verb but รูป (rûup) means like pictures.
For me, I love drawing, that’s my hobby. I would say like, I like drawing ฉันชอบวาดรูป (chǎn châawp wâat-rûup), or I draw often, ฉันวาดรูปบ่อย (chǎn wâat-rûup bàawi) yeah. So what’s your hobby anyway?
25. เต้น (dtêen) Dance.
I like dancing. You can say ฉันชอบเต้น (chǎn châawp dtêen)
Any types of dancing, you can use this with like Thai dancing, Does it look like Thai dancing?
It’s done for today. Thank you for listening. Okay so what is your favorite activity so far. What’s your favorite verb? Like, for me I love drawing as I told you before ฉันชอบวาดรูป (chǎn châawp wâat-rûup) but if you are going to Thailand, you might love to go buying something, ซื้อของ (súue khǎawng). Or you know like walking along the street like ฉันตามถนน (chǎn dtaam tha-nǒn), something like that. So what is your favorite activities? Okay so we are done for today. Don’t forget to subscribe our channels and we will see you soon. Bye.


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Hello Harissa,

Thank you รัก is a Thai word which means "เลิฟ" [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] love , used to tell you love another human being. ชอบ means "to like" sometime used as "to love or say something is your favorite". Hope that’s helpful. Please let me know if you have any future questions. I will be glad to help.

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I am enjoying the material - thank you. But......why are random words like 'pick up truck' and 'Russian' in the quiz about 25 Thai verbs? This is rather frustrating as I have never studied these words...and they are unrelated...

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