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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Thai Top Words. Today, we are going to do 10 sad words. That’s why I’m pretty sad. Okay, let’s begin!
1. อารมณ์เสีย (aa-rom-sǐia) “to upset”
อะไรทำให้เธออารมณ์เสีย (a-rai tham hâi thooe aa-rom sĭia) “What happened? What made you upset?”
คือแฟนเราบอกว่ามาไม่ได้อีกแล้วอ่ะ (khuue faaen rao bàawk wâa maa mâi dâi ìik láaeo à) “My boyfriend just said that he couldn’t come again.”
2. เจ็บ (jèp) “to hurt”
ใครทำให้เธอเจ็บ (khrai tham hâi thooe jèp) “ Are you alright? Who hurt you?”
3. เหงา (ngǎo) “to feel lonely”
ฉันเหงา (chăn ngăo) “I feel lonely.”
4. เศร้า (sâo) “to feel sad”
ฉันเศร้า (chăn sâo) “I feel sad.”
5. มีความทุกข์ (mii khwaam thúk) “to suffer”
เขามีความทุกข์ (khăo mii khwaam thúk) “He is suffering.”
If you can’t remember the phrase, มีความทุกข์ (mii khwaam thúk), you can just shorten it as ทุกข์ (thúk). For example, if I want to say that “I am suffering.”, I will say ฉันทุกข์ (chăn thúk). That’s how people will understand as well.
6. ร้องไห้ (ráawng hâi) “to cry”
น้องชายกำลังร้องไห้ (náawng chaai gam-lang ráawng hâi) “My brother is crying.”
7. ผิดหวัง (phìt-wăng) “to be disappointed”
เป็นอะไรรึเปล่า (bpen à-rai rúe bplào) “What happened?”
ฉันผิดหวังจากความรัก (chăn phìt-wăng jàak khwaam rák) “I am disappointed in love.”
8. ไม่มีความสุข (mâi mii khwaam sùk) “to be unhappy”
ฉันไม่มีความสุข (chăn mâi mii khwaam sùk) “I am unhappy.”
For this word, ไม่มีความสุข (mâi mii khwaam sùk), ไม่มี (mâi mii) means “don’t have something” and ความสุข (khwaam sùk) means “happiness” so literally it means like “you don’t have happiness” so together it means that you are not happy, you are unhappy. So if you want to say like you’re happy then you would say มีความสุข (mii khwaam sùk), just delete the word ไม่ (mâi) in front and it becomes “you’re happy” มีความสุข (mii khwaam sùk).
9. เสียใจ (sĭia jai) “to be sorry”
ฉันเสียใจมาก (chăn sĭia jai mâak) “I am very sorry.”
This word, เสียใจ (sĭia jai), means “sorry”, but there are other meanings as well. So you can use this word if you feel sorry or sad or guilty or disappointed. So let’s say that you are doing something wrong and you are guilty so you can say it like ฉันเสียใจ (chăn sĭia jai) “I’m sorry.”
Or if you are disappointed in something, you can also use ฉันเสียใจ (chăn sĭia jai) in that situation as well.
10. หดหู่ (hòt-hùu) “to be depressed”
เขากำลังหดหู่ (khăo gam-lang hòt-hùu) “He is depressed.”
I think when we are getting older, we are prone to be depressed somehow. Like for me, when I write my thesis and I have to be with myself for a whole week, I get depressed sometimes. I don’t think it’s a good thing to feel or to be so when I get depressed, normally I call my friends and I ask my friends to go out with me, to meet more people. That’s something that I do when I get depressed. How about you?
So today, we are done with the 10 sad words. What is the word that describes you when you are sad? For me, it would be depressed, หดหู่ (hòt-hùu) or maybe just sad, เศร้า (sâo). If you are sad or depressed, you can try watching our videos to cheer you up that’s why you should subscribe to our channel, like our videos and check out our website at ThaiPod101.com. See you next time. Bye-bye!