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Lesson Transcript

Oh! Hi, guys! Welcome back to Thai Top Words. I'm Jay, and today we'll be doing... can you guyss what we're doing? 10 "Gamer Speak" Words in Thai. Ok, let's get started.
1. วีดีโอเกม (wii-dii-oo geem ) "video game"
ฉันชอบเล่นวีดีโอเกม (chăn châawp lên wii-dii-oo geem) "I like playing video games."
So what's your favorite game?
2. คูลดาวน์ (khuu-daao) "cool down"
Ok, obviously, they are the same word, just change to the way Thai people say it.
And what exactly does it mean? I mean, it's a gamer word, so...
It's said here that it's the link of term, a player must wait after using an ability until they can use it again. Ok, I can understand.
เวลาคูลดาวน์ช้าจัง (wee-laa khuu-daao cháa jang) "The cool down period is so slow."
3. จุดเช็คพอยท์ (jùt chék pháauy) "check-point"
Oh, this one I know, because I play Mario game, so every time when you, like, finish one level, you have a check-point, right? The flag.
พอมาถึงจุดเช็คพอยท์ก็โล่งใจมาก (phaaw maa thǔeng jùt chék páauy gâaw lôong jai mâak) "When I reach the check-point, I feel so relieved."
4. บอส (báawt) "boss"
Do we have to explain this? I mean, they are the same word.
Ok, so a boss is actually the enemy, obviously, in the game.
บอสด่านนี้ยากมาก (báawt dàan níí yâak mâak) "This level boss is difficult."
Oh my god, I'm dying!
5. เกมอาร์พีจี (geem aa-phii-jii) "role playing games"
Or RPG game. So it's a game that you play a character, so you have a role in that game.
ฉันชอบเลือกที่จะเป็นฮีลเลอร์เวลาเล่นเกมอาร์พีจี (chăn châawp lûueak thîi jà bpen hiu-lôoe wee-laa lên geem aa-phii-jii) "I love to be a healer when I play an RPG game."
So healer, just like this character, your main role is to heal other people.
6. เบต้า (bee-dtâa) "beta"
Actually บต้า (bee-dtâa) are games in the last stage of development, it's not 100% ready, but it will be soon.
ในปีนี้มีเกมเบต้าออกมาเยอะมาก (nai bpii níi mii geem bee-dtâa àawk maa yóe mâak) "This year, there are a lot of beta games."
7. แคมป์เปอร์ (khaaem-bpôoe) "camper"
Actually, all these words are quite advanced, if you don't play games, or even if you play English and you don't play games, I don't think you'd understand what it means. This camper is a person that stay in one place and try to ambush other people in games.
ฉันไม่ค่อยชอบพวกแคมป์เปอร์ (chăn mâi khâauy châawp phûuak khaaem-bpôoe) "I don't like campers."
Of course! Who would like them?
8. มือใหม่ (muue mài) "noob"
So I guess these people who are called "noob" are very bad players.
ไม่อยากเล่นกับพวกมือใหม่เลย (mâi yàak lên gàp phûuak muue mài looei) "I don't want to play with noobs."
9. ด่าน (dàan) "level"
ตอนนี้ฉันอยู่ที่ด่าน 50 (dtaawn-níi chăn yùu thîi dàan hâa-sìp) "Now I am at level 50."
10. แลค (làek) "lag"
เบื่อจัง คอมแลคอีกแล้ว (bùuea jang khaawm làek ìik láaeo) "I'm so bored. The server is lagging again."
Ok, thank you everyone for watching! Are you a gamer? If you are, or if you aren't,
comment below in the comment section to let me know if you like this lesson or not. See you next time. Bye-bye!