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Lesson Transcript

Jay: Hello everyone, I am Jay and today we are going to do top 25 Thai adjectives. So let’s begin!
ซ้าย (sáai) Left.
Left, this is my left, so I think it’s your right. If you want to turn left, you say ฉันอยากเลี้ยวซ้าย (chăn yàak líiao sáai). Or let’s turn left, เลี้ยวซ้ายกันเถอะ (líiao sáai gan thoe).
ขวา (khwăa) Right.
We have left, so we have right. My right hand มือขวาของฉัน (muue khwăa khǎawng chăn). So if you want to turn right, you say ฉันอยากเลี้ยวขวา (chăn yàak líiao khwăa).
ดี (dii) Good.
You are a good person. คุณเป็นคนดี (khun bpen khon dii), or this mobile phone is good, มือถือเครื่องนี้ดีนะ (muue-thǔue khrûueang níi dii ná).
Today’s weather is good, so วันนี้อากาศดี (wan-níi aa-gàat dii). This is a very useful word and very easy.
แย่(yâae) Bad.
This water tastes bad, น้ำขวดนี้รสชาติแย่ (náam khùuat níi rót-châat yâae). This is bad.
ร้อน( ráawn) Hot
ร้อน( ráawn) Can you guess? ฉันรู้สึกร้อน(chăn rúu-sùek ráawn) I feel hot, not hot like hot but like hot.
เย็น (yen) Cold.
เย็น(yen) means cold, like when you are touching something and it’s cold, you say เย็น(yen) but when you feel cold like oh my gosh, like it’s snowing and I feel cold, you don’t say like ฉันรู้สึกเย็น (chăn rúu-sùek yen), you’ll say ฉันรู้สึกหนาว (chăn rúu-sùek năao). Like, you know, too cold, you say หนาว (năao).
เย็น (yen) when you say like oh, today’s weather is bit like windy, like chill, you can, like, chillax outside like, it’s kind of feeling like good feeling, good weather, you say เย็น(yen) but if it’s too cold, you say หนาว(năao). So don’t use it wrong.
สวย (sŭuai) beautiful.
So if you want to tell like your friend like oh you are beautiful, you say คุณเป็นคนสวย (khun bpen khon sŭuai).
น่าเกลียด (nâa-glìiat) ugly.
you have beautiful, then you have ugly. So ugly is น่าเกลียด(nâa-glìiat).
You don’t have to use it to people, to a person, but you can use it with things as well, like if I don’t like this shirt, I will say เสื้อตัวนี้น่าเกลียด (sûuea dtuua níi nâa-glìiat), this shirt looks ugly.
เผ็ด (phèt) Spicy.
Thai food is spicy อาหารไทยเผ็ด (aa-hăan thai phèt).
If I have to choose, I love Tom Yum Kung even though it’s spicy but it tastes very good. I always tell them like, please don’t make it too spicy. So in Thai, I would tell the owner or the chef อย่าทำให้มันเผ็ดมากได้ไหมคะ (yàa tham hâi man phèt mâak dâai măi khá) please don’t make it too spicy for me.
For that sentence, if you want to shorten it, you can say ขอไม่เผ็ดมาก(khǎaw mâi phèt mâak) ไม่ (mâi) means not. So ขอไม่เผ็ดมาก (khǎaw mâi phèt mâak) means like less spicy like less spicy.
อร่อย (a-ràuy) Tasty.
Do You think Thai food is tasty? Thai people might ask you คุณคิดว่าอาหารไทยอร่อยไหม (khun khít wâa aa-hăan thai a-ràuy mái), and if you think it is tasty or delicious, you will say อร่อย (a-ràuy), just "taste is fine", อร่อย (a-ràuy).
ถูก (thùuk) cheap.
And Thailand is famous for that, cheap stuff everywhere. Is it?
This is so cheap, อันนี้ถูกมาก (an-níi thùuk mâak).
แพง (phaaeng) expensive.
So you say อันนี้แพงไป (an-níi phaaeng bpai), This is too expensive.
มาก (mâak) very
Add แพง (phaaeng), แพงมาก (phaaeng mâak), very expensive.
ถูกมาก (thùuk mâak) Very cheap.
สวยมาก (sŭuai mâak) Very beautiful.
ดีใจ (dii-jai) Happy.
Happy! ดีใจ (dii-jai) Yeay! Oh if you feel happy ดีใจ (dii-jai) just like ดีใจอะ (dii-jai a), naturally like ดีใจอะ ดีใจจังเลย (dii-jai a dii-jai jang looei), like that.
เสียใจ (sĭia-jai) sad.
We have the word ใจ (jai) at the end ใจ (jai) means heart, like heart. Just remember when you hear the word with this word ใจ (jai), they refer to some kind of feeling.
So let’s get back to the topic, เสียใจ(sĭia-jai) means sad.
I feel sad ฉันเสียใจ (chăn sĭia-jai) or ฉันรู้สึกเสียใจ (chăn rúu-sùek sĭia-jai).
ใหญ่ (yài) big, huge, large.
This room is big, ห้องนี้ใหญ่ (hâwng níi yài).
เล็ก (lék) small.
In Thai, it’s quite easy because like even though in English you use different words for different circumstances or situations, in Thai, you really have, like, one or two words to describe one thing. So เล็ก (lék) can mean tiny, small, little.
This bottle of water is small, น้ำขวดนี้เล็ก (náam khùuat níi lék).
เหมือน (mǔuean) same.
This one is the same as this one. In Thai, you say อันนี้ (an-níi) this is เหมือนกับอันนี้ (mǔuean gàp an-níi) this is the same as this one, อันเหมือนกับอันนี้ (an-níi mǔuean gàp an-níi).
This one is not the same as this one อันนี้ไม่เหมือนกับอันนี้ (an-níi mâi mǔuean gàp an-níi).
สำคัญ (săm-khan) Important.
Like now today that we are recording this, today is Visakha Bucha วิสาขบูชา (wí-săa-khà-buu-chaa) Day which is one of the most important religious day in Thailand. It’s the important day in Buddhism. So if you want to say, today is an important day, we say วันนี้เป็นวันสำคัญ (wan-níi bpen wan săm-khan).
เร็ว (reo) Fast.
For example, like now you are listening to this and you think that I am talking too fast, and it’s hard to understand, like, I am talking too fast and you want me to slow down, you say คุณพูดเร็วไป (khun phuut reo bpai), you talk too fast.
ช้า(cháa) Slow.
พูดช้าๆหน่อยได้ไหม (phûut cháa cháa nàuy dâai mái), please speak more slowly. So now I am trying to speak more slowly for you.
สะอาด (sà-àat) Clean.
อันนี้สะอาด(an-níi sà-àat), This is clean.
ห้องนี้สะอาด (hông níi sà-àat), This room is clean.
สกปรก (sòk-gà-bpròk) Dirty.
I don’t like wearing dirty clothes ฉันไม่ชอบใส่เสื้อสกปรก (chăn mâi châawp sài sûuea sòk-gà-bpròk).
น่ารัก (nâa-rák) Cute.
You are cute คุณน่ารัก (khun nâa-rák).
เสื้อตัวนี้น่ารักไหม (sûuea dtuua níi nâa-rák mái) Is this shirt cute?
Something like this, cute น่ารัก (nâa-rák).
ง่าย (ngâai) Easy.
คุณคิดว่าบทเรียนนี้ง่ายไหม (khun khít wâa bòt-riian níi ngâai mái) Do you think this lesson is easy? If you think it’s easy, just say บทเรียนนี้ง่าย (bòt-riian níi ngâai), or just like easy, ง่าย อันนี้ง่าย (ngâai an-níi ngâai).
I hope that it helps. Thank you for listening. Today we have done top 25 Thai adjectives. So yeah, please practice it at home and don’t forget to subscribe our channel as always. Okay, stay tuned, bye.


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Which adjective do you like the most?

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Hi gabystudent01A,

Thank you. ช้า cháa slow is the only word we use. 👍 Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any future questions. I will be glad to help.

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Que outras maneiras posso falar "devagar" em tailandês?

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Hello เวน,

Thank you for question. Yes, แพงไป means "too expensive", full form of "too" is เกินไป which can short to Adj. + ไป could means "too + adj.". Hope that help. Please let me know if you have any future questions. I will be glad to help.

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Hello! Thank you for all the great videos and resources; I've been able to make a lot of progress in a short time by following these lessons. I have just one question for now.

Jay translated แพงไป as "too expensive". I understand that ไป usually means "go". If ไป is placed after an adjective, does it also always function as "too"?

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How do I add เครื่อง to one of my flashcard decks? I see that Jay uses it as a classifier for มือถือ and I want to learn this word.

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Thank you very much for your comment and point that out. Our team will have a look and see what we can do to improve our website. Please let me know if you have any future questions about Thai language I will be glad to help. We wish you will have a good progress with Thai.

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สบาย and พิเศษ are listed as vocal words but are not mentioned in the verbal lesson.

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Hello Yu Chu Leung,

Thank you very much for your comment and question. ส in สวย is pronounce normal because ส will pronounce when it follow by a consonant that not make a cluster, but สวย ว is not a consonant, it's a vowel ัว and it change it form when come at the middle position. Hope that help. Please let me know if you have any future questions. I will be glad to help. We wish you have a good progress with your Thai.

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Why ส of สวย pronounce as su not sa / so according the special rules of pronunciation?