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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Thai Top Words. I am Jay. And today, we will be doing Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary. Let’s get started.
1. ตั๋ว (dtǔua) "ticket"
ซื้อตั๋วรถไฟหรือยัง (súue dtŭua rót-fai rǔue yang) "Have you bought a train ticket?"
2. นักท่องเที่ยว (nák-thâawng-thîiao) "tourist"
นักท่องเที่ยวกำลังถ่ายภาพสัตว์ (nák-thâwng-thîiao gam-lang thàai phâap sàt) "The tourist is taking pictures of the animals."
3. แผนการเดินทาง (phǎaen gaan-dooen-thaang) "itinerary"
มีแผนการเดินทางหรือยัง (waang-phăaen gaan-dooen-thaang rǔue yang) "Have you had an itinerary?"
4. หนังสือนำเที่ยว (nǎng-sǔue nam-thîiao) "guidebook"
หนังสือนำเที่ยวเล่มนี้ดีมาก (năng-sǔue nam-thîiao lêm níi dii mâak) "This guidebook is very good."
I think in Thailand, if you go to a bookstore, guidebooks is a type of books that are sold very, very well. I think a lot of Thai people love to buy those guidebooks but for me, personally I have not bought any because I always just like you know search on the internet and find everything there.
5. รถทัวร์ (rót-thuua) "tour bus"
ฉันไปกรุงเทพโดยรถทัวร์ (chăn bpai grung-thêep dooi rót-thuaa) "I go to Bangkok by tour bus."
6. วัด (wát) "temple"
ผู้คนมากมายไปวัดเพื่อสวดมนต์ (phûu-khon mâak-maai bpai wát phûuea sùuat-mon) "Many people go to temple to pray."
I usually go to temple to pray and also to meditate because Thai temple is very you know like calm and quiet. So it is a good place if you want to practice meditation.
7. ทะเล (thá-lee) "sea"
ฉันชอบไปทะเล (chăn châawp bpai thá-lee) "I like to go to the sea."
If I feel like going to the sea, normally I would choose to go to Hua Hin or Pattaya. They are beach city. So, the sea are great and there are lot of seafood there too.
8. ภูเขา (phuu-khăo) "mountain"
ช่วงหน้าหนาว เราควรไปเที่ยวภูเขา (chûuang nâa-năao rao khuuan bpai thîiao phuu-khăo) "During winter, we should travel to the mountains."
If you want to chill and be surrounded by mountains, I recommend you to go to Khao Yai. It’s very chilled and I think the air is fresh. However, if you want to go for like trekking like climbing mountains, then it is better to go to Koh Kradan. I think this is one of the best trekking mountain for me.
9. น้ำตก (nám-dtòk) "waterfall"
น้ำตกแห่งนี้สวยมาก (nám-dtòk hàaeng níi sŭuai mâak) "This waterfall is very beautiful."
I recommend you to go to Erawan waterfall. I went there when I was young and I loved it.
10. เที่ยว (thâawng-thîiao) "to travel"
ไปเที่ยวกันเถอะ (bpai thîiao gan thòe) "Let's travel!"
Yeay! Thank you guys for watching. We are done for today. Personally for me, when I travel, I love to go to the sea, ทะเล (thá-lee), a mountain, ภูเขา (phuu-khăo). How about you guys? If you travel to Thailand, where do you want to visit the most?
See you next time. Bye bye!