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Lesson Transcript

Hello guys, welcome back to Thai Top Words. I am Jay and today, we will be doing Top 10 Phrases to Survive at the Station. Okay, let’s begin.
1. ฉันอยากไป... (chăn yàak bpai…) "I'd like to go to ...."
ฉันอยากไป... (chăn yàak bpai…) "I'd like to go...."
ฉันอยากไปกรุงเทพ (chăn yàak bpai grung thêep) "I'd like to go to Bangkok."
This is a very useful phrase you know because I don’t know like I just feel like it’s very useful if you want to go anywhere, you just put the place at the end of the sentence, like ฉันอยากจะไป (chăn yàak jà bpai... ) let’s say, ฉันอยากจะไปญี่ปุ่น (chăn yàak jà bpai yîi-bpùn) “I’d like to go to Japan.”
2. นี่ใช่ชานชลาที่จะไป...รึป่าว (nîi châi chaan-chá-laa thîi jà bpai...rúe bpàao) "Is this the right platform for …?"
นี่ใช่ชานชลาที่จะไปสยามรึป่าว (nîi châi chaan-chá-laa thîi jà bpai sà-yăam rúe bpàao) "Is this the right platform for Siam?"
By the way, Siam is the name of a BTS station in Bangkok.
3. รถไฟเที่ยวสุดท้ายมากี่โมง (rót fai thîiao sùt tháai maa gìi moong) "What time is the last train?"
In Bangkok, there are actually three types of train. First is the local trains that run from city to city. The another one is BTS and the last one is MRT which is the underground train for BTS and MRT in Bangkok. They only run from around 5 AM in the morning to midnight but it’s still all right. I mean, even though you missed it, you can take a cab to go back home because I think the taxi fare in Thailand is very cheap.
4. ฉันต้องเปลี่ยนรถไฟเพื่อไป...ที่ไหน (chăn dtâawng bplìian rót fai phûuea bpai...thîi năi) "Where do I change for...?"
ฉันต้องเปลี่ยนรถไฟเพื่อไปสีลมที่ไหน (chăn dtâawng bplìian rót fai phûuea bpai sǐi lom thîi năi) "Where do I change for Silom?"
Silom is actually a business district in Bangkok.
5. สถานีรถไฟอยู่ที่ไหน? (sà-thăa-nii rót-fai yùu thîi nǎi) "Where is the train station?"
But if you are in Bangkok, you can just say BTS,
บีทีเอสอยู่ที่ไหน (bii-thii-éet yùu thîi năi) "Where is BTS?"
เอ็มอาร์ทีอยู่ที่ไหน (em-aa-thii yùu thîi năi) “Where is MRT?”
6. ฉันสามารถซื้อตั๋วได้ที่ไหน (chăn săa-mâat súue dtŭua dâi thîi năi) "Where can I buy a ticket?"
If it’s a local train, I think you can buy a train ticket from a counter at the train station however if it’s BTS or MRT, you need to buy it from the [0:03:06.6] I think it is the same as everywhere in the world.
7. ไป...ราคาเท่าไหร่ (bpai...raa-khaa thâo rài) "How much is it to.....?"
ไปสีลม ราคาเท่าไหร่ (bpai sǐi lom raa-khaa thâo rài) "How much is it to Silom?"
Normally in Thailand, transportation is pretty cheap if you compare to other countries like our taxi fare or our bus fare are very cheap. However, for BTS and MRT, I think it’s relatively a bit more expensive compared to other transportation in Thailand.
8. รถเมล์คันนี้ไป...ไหม (rót mee khan níi bpai...măi) "Does this bus go to.....?"
รถเมล์คันนี้ไปประตูน้ำไหม (rót mee khan níi bpai bprà-dtuu-náam măi) "Does this bus go to Pratunam?"
9. ป้ายรถเมล์อยู่ที่ไหน (bpâai rót mee yùu thîi năi) "Where is the bus stop?"
In Bangkok, there are air con and non-air con bus. So if it’s non-air con bus, the color will be like red or blue but if it’s air con, it will be orange, for your information.
10. รถเมล์คันถัดไปมากี่โมง (rót mee khan thàt bpai maa gìi moong) "When is the next bus?"
You know, sadly speaking, in Thailand, we don’t have a bus schedule. I mean we do. I think I do believe that we do but no one has seen that and no one knows about the time schedule of the bus. So basically if we want to go anywhere by bus, we just go to a bus stop and wait until that bus comes.
Okay. We are done for today. Thank you for watching the lesson. In Thailand, we have different kinds of transportation such as taxi, bus, train, motorcycle, taxi so on and so forth. How about you guys? What is your common transportation in your country? See you next time. Bye-bye!