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Lesson Transcript

Hi, welcome back to Thai top words. I am Jay and today, we will be doing 10 Phrases to Help You in an Emergency.
Okay. Let’s get started.
1. ช่วยเรียกตำรวจให้หน่อย (chûuai rîiak dtam-rùuat hâi nàauy) "Call the police, please."
In Thailand, if you want to call the police, you can dial either 191 or 911, both numbers are fine.
2. คุณมีไข้หรือเปล่า (khun mii khâi rǔue bplàao) "Do you have a fever?"
You can say, ฉันมีไข้ (chǎn mii khâi) “I have a fever.”
ฉันมีไข้ (chǎn mii khâi)
3. ฉันทำพาสปอร์ตหาย (chăn tham pháat-sà-bpàawt hăai) "I lost my passport."
I mean, if you lost your passport in your own country, I don’t think it’s a big problem but if you lost it in other countries when you travel, then, I think it’s a big problem. For the word passport, actually, we do have a Thai word for that, which is หนังสือเดินทาง (nǎng-sǔue dooen thaang). However, I think it’s a bit long and nowadays, most people prefer to use the word “Passport” as in like English rather than หนังสือเดินทาง (nǎng-sǔue dooen thaang), so you can use either of that.
4. ฉันต้องการหมอ (chăn dtâwng-gaan mǎaw) "I need a doctor."
It’s a good sentence but let’s say that if you are outside and you want to go to a hospital maybe you would rather say ฉันอยากไปโรงพยาบาล (chǎn yaak bpai roong-phá-yaa-baan) “I want to get to a hospital.”
6. ฉันไม่สามารถหาทางกลับไปที่โรงแรมของฉันได้ (chăn mâi săa-mâat hăa thaang glàp bpai thîi roong-raaem khǎawng chăn dâai) "I can't find the way back to my hotel."
If you are in Thailand and you are lost, I think the easiest way to find a way to somewhere is to ask local people, Thai people, I think they are kind and they want to help you out.
7. มีร้านขายยาแถวนี้มั๊ย (mii ráan khăai yaa thăaeo níi mái) "Is there a pharmacy nearby?"
In Thailand, I mean it depends on the cities as well but if you are in big cities, it’s quite easy to find a pharmacy and one trick is that if you don’t know where the pharmacy is, you can just go to a shopping mall normally. Inside the shopping mall, there would be pharmacies. ร้านขายยา (ráan khǎai yaa) is the Thai word for “pharmacy” but it’s very easy to remember because if you separate each word - ร้าน (ráan) means “shop” ขาย (khǎai) means “selling” and ยา (yaa) means “medicine”. So together it is “a shop that sells medicines”. That’s very easy to remember.
8. คุณช่วยฉันได้มั๊ย (khun chûuai chǎn dâi mái) "Can you help me?"
Can you? One trick that I want to tell you is that, if you are asking for help, maybe it’s better to be polite and to be polite in Thai is quite easy because you just add polite particles at the end.
คุณช่วยฉัน/ผมได้มั๊ยคะ (khun chûuai chǎn/phǒm dâi mái khá) for girls or คุณช่วยฉัน/ผมได้มั๊ยครับ (khun chûuai chǎn/phǒm dâi mái khráp) for guys.
9. ฉันต้องการรถพยาบาล (chăn dtâawng gaan rót phá-yaa-baan) "I need an ambulance"
รถพยาบาล (rót phá-yaa-baan) is an ambulance. รถ (rót) is a car [*] like รถ (rót) means “car”. พยาบาล (phá-yaa-baan) actually means “nursing”. So I mean I tried to make it easy to remember.
So รถพยาบาล (rót phá-yaa-baan), an ambulance. A car that kind of nurses you.
11. ช่วยด้วย! (chûuai dûuai) "Help!"
I think that’s easy. ช่วยด้วย (chûuai dûuai) or help.
12. ฉันรู้สึกไม่ดี (chăn rúu sùek mâi dii) "I'm not feeling well."
This sentence can be used either emotionally or physically unwell. So it’s quite useful.