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Lesson Transcript

Hey, hello. Welcome back to Thai top words. I am Jay and today, we will be doing five most popular Thai bands. Okay, let’s get started.
5 Most Popular Thai Bands
1. บอดี้แสลม (baaw-dii-sà-laaem) "Bodyslam"
บอดี้แสลมมีชื่อเสียงมาก (baaw-dii-sà-laaem mii chûue-sĭiang mâak) "Bodyslam is very famous."
Which is true. They are one of the most famous band in Thailand I would say and their music is great. So please try to listen to their music. So their genre is more of a Rock music. Even though I am not like Rock music person but I think it’s quite good. They are actually very good.
2. พาราดอกซ์ (phaa-raa-dàwg) "Paradox"
พาราดอกซ์จะมาที่นี่วันนี้ (phaa-raa-dàwg jà maa thîi nîi wan níi) "Paradox will come here today."
I think this band is very special because their music is very unique. So they are famous for their unique live performance.
3. แสตมป์ (sà-dtaaem) "Stamp"
แสตมป์แต่งเพลงเก่ง (sà-dtaaem dtàaeng pleeng gèng) "Stamp is good at composing songs."
Actually, this is my favorite singer and composer. I mean, he is very – I think he is very talented because he composes own song and he conveys it very beautifully but many of his songs hit the top chart. So I mean, if you have a chance, then try to find his songs that he composed. I think they are very good. So okay.
Just to back a bit. I met him a few months ago because I went to his live show and so I mean I am not sure if you guys can see sort of this. Okay, I am sorry. I am like bragging but yeah, I just really wanted to show you this.
4. เบิร์ด (bóoet) "Bird"
ทุกคนชอบเบิร์ด (thúk khon châawp bóoet) "Everyone likes Bird."
I mean, I love because it’s kind of funny when you have to pronounce Thai name in English and when it becomes English name, it’s like a Bird you know. That’s why it’s a bit funny but this person is a legendary singer in Thailand. I think everyone knows about him. I think he is in his forties right now but he looks very young and he’s super talented and everyone in Thailand respects him so much. And he has no bad scandal or anything. So he’s a great, great guy. Actually, his name is เบิร์ด We put the word Phii in front because Phii, some of you might know that Phii means, there’s no meaning but it shows that this person is older than you. So we call him Phii bóoet.
5. เบน ชลาทิศ (ben chá-laa-thít) "Ben Chalatit"
เบน ชลาทิศมีเสียงที่ไพเราะ (ben chá-laa-thít mii sĭiang thîi phai ráw) "Ben Chalatit has a beautiful voice."