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Lesson Transcript

Hello guys, welcome back to Thai top words. I am Jay and today, we will be doing…
5 Most Popular Sports.
Okay. Let’s get started.
1. ฟุตบอล (fút-bawn) "Soccer"
น้องชอบเล่นฟุตบอล (náawng châawp lêen fút-bawn) "The younger brother likes playing soccer."
(fút-bawn) is soccer. However, if you want to refer to American football, we call it อเมริกันฟุตบอล (a-mee-ri-gan fút-bawn)
2. มวยไทย (muuai-thai) "Thai boxing"
ชาวต่างชาตินิยมเรียนมวยไทย (chaao dtàang châat ní-yom riian muuai-thai) "Foreigners like to learn Thai boxing."
I think now Boxing or Thai Boxing has become very popular. Even I love to learn Thai Boxing as a way to exercise.
3. ตะกร้อ (dtà-grâaw) "Takraw"
เขากำลังดูการแข่งขันตะกร้อ (khăo gam-lang duu gaan khàaeng khăn dtà-grâaw) "He is watching a takraw match."
Literally, ตะกร้อ (dtà-grâaw) is a ball, a woven ball and the game goes very similar to volleyball but the difference is that volleyball, you use hand to play but for ตะกร้อ (dtà-grâaw), you can use any part of your body but hands. So some people know this sport as Kick Volleyball because like you use most of your lower part, especially your foot and your leg to kick ball to the other side of the net.
4. เทนนิส (then-nít) "Tennis"
เขาเล่นเทนนิสเก่งมาก (khăo lêen then-nít gèng mâak) "He is very good at tennis."
I used to play Tennis for 3 years you know and I quit it because due to a very embarrassing reason because my coach said that my right arm is bigger than my left arm because like when you swing, you need to use this part of your muscle. So at that time, I was a teenager and I was scared that my right arm will be very big compared to my left arm.
5. การแข่งขันเรือหางยาว (khàeng-khǎn ruuea hǎang-yaao) "Long-tail boat racing"
การแข่งขันเรือหางยาวเป็นกีฬาดั้งเดิมของไทย (khàeng-khǎn ruuea hǎang-yaao bpen dâng dooem khǎawng thai) "Long-tail boat racing is a traditional Thai sport."
Long-tail boat racing is a Thai traditional sport. A long-tail boat is actually a wooden boat and its size is around a kayak. So it’s very small and there is a motor at the back of the boat and on top of that, there is no seat or steering wheel. So if you imagine, it’s very dangerous. It’s actually a dangerous sport and there is no safety measure for people who drive this boat in the race. So it’s quite dangerous.
Okay. And that is the end of today’s lesson. Thank you for watching as always. See you next time. Bye bye!