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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Thai Top Words. I'm Jay, and today we'll be doing Top 15 Must-Know Phrases to Go Shopping. Ok, let's get started!
1. อันนี้ราคาเท่าไหร่ (an níi raa-khaa thâo rài) "How much is it?"
This is a very useful question because if you go to Thailand, especially Bangkok, there'll be a lot of things for you to shop.
If you want to have an even shorter sentence, you can say อันนี้เท่าไหร่ (an ni̋i thâo rài), or just เท่าไหร่ (thâo rài).
เท่าไหร่ (thâo rài) is "how much," so you just point and say เท่าไหร่ (thâo rài); and if you want to be polite, then say คะ (ká) or ครับ (kráb) at the end.
เท่าไหร่คะ (thâo rài khá) or เท่าไหร่ครับ (thâo rài khráp)
2. คุณมีสีอื่นมั๊ย (khun mii sǐi ùuen mái) "Do you have it in another color?"
The basic colors in Thai are:
สีแดง (sǐi daaeng) "red"
สีดำ (sǐi dam) "black"
ขาว (sǐi khǎao) "white"
สีเหลือง (sǐi lǔueang) "yellow"
สีเขียว (sǐi khǐiao) "green"
สีน้ำ (sǐi fáa) "blue"
3. คุณมีขนาดกลางมั๊ย (khun mii khà-nàat glaang mái) "Do you have it in medium size?"
You know what, in Thailand, even I, my size, I wear L size! Surprise! I mean, yes, I know I'm getting a bit chubbier, but in Thailand, it's very insane because people there are very slim and very small, and more foreigners, when they go there, they always ask for a bigger size. It doesn't mean that you're fat or anything, it's just that clothes in Thailand are extremely small. So if you want to ask for a bigger size, you can say,
(khun mii khà-nàat yài mái / khun mii khà-nàat yài gwàa níi mái)
"Do you have a bigger size?"
4. ฉันอยากได้สองอันนี้ (chăn yàak dâi sǎawng an níi) "I want two of these."
This is a very easy sentence pattern because you just put the word, like,
ฉันอยากได้สองอันนี้ (chăn yàak dâi sǎawng an níi)
สอง (sǎawng) means "two", right?
So if you want "three" of this, you can say,
ฉันอยากได้สามอันนี้ (chăn yàak dâi sǎam an níi), just put the number in front of อันนี้ (an níi).
ฉันอยากได้สี่อันนี้ (chăn yàak dâi sìi an níi), you want four of this.
Or, if you just want this one, like, just one of this, just say, ฉันอยากได้อันนี้ (chăn yàak dâi an níi).
You don't need to put any number if you just want one of this.
5. ฉันขอดูได้มั๊ย (chăn khǎaw duu dâi mái) "May I see it?"
Oh! And don't forget to put polite particle at the end of... any sentence, people will feel better when you say politely to them. So for this sentence, it would be
ฉันขอดูได้มั๊ยคะ (chăn khǎaw duu dâi mái khá) or ขอดูได้มั๊ยคะ (khǎaw duu dâi mái khá) for girls.
ฉันขอดูได้มั๊ยครับ (chăn khǎaw duu dâi mái khráp) or ขอดูได้มั๊ยครับ (khǎaw duu dâi mái khráp) for guys.
6. ฉันขอลองได้มั๊ย (chăn khǎaw laawng dâi mái) "May I try it on?"
So for girls, ฉันขอลองได้มั๊ยคะ (chăn khǎaw laawng dâi mái khá).
For guys, ฉันขอลองได้มั๊ยครับ (chăn khǎaw laawng dâi mái khráp) or ผมขอลองได้มั๊ยครับ (phǒm khǎaw laawng dâi mái khráp).
7. ฉันชอบอันนั้น (chăn châawp an nán) "I like that one."
Ok, I'll give you some trick about this. If you like something but you want to bargain some discount out of it, you don't say that you like it, you just act as if you don't like it and ask for a discount. If a seller knows that you like something, he might not reduce the price for you.
8. ฉันไม่ชอบสีนี้ (chăn măi châawp sǐi níi) "I don't like this color."
My favorite color is mustard yellow color. Like yellow, like mustard. But for the color that I don't like, is always bright color. I don't like to wear bright color, I always stick with black, white, or earth tone color.
9. ขอเปลี่ยนสีได้มั๊ย (khǎaw bplìian sǐi dâi mái) "Can I change the color?"
If you ask this question to a seller, he or she might ask you back, จะเอาสีอะไรคะ (jà ao sǐi à-rai khá) "what color do you like?"
And you say the color that you like.
10. จ่ายเงินสดได้มั๊ย (jàai ngooen sòt dâi mái) "Can I pay with cash?"
I think in Thailand, any stores, any restaurants accept cash, because I always pay by cash.
11. รับบัตรเครดิตมั๊ย (ráp bàt khee-dìt mái) "Do you take credit card?"
One thing for sure is that if you're buying things on the street from a street stall, of course, they don't take credit card. Common sense, right? But in a big shopping mall, I think most of the shops accept credit cards, and you even get some promotion if you use credit cards to pay.
12. มีส่วนลดมั๊ย (mii sùuan lót mái) "Is there a discount?"
This sentence, I mostly heard people say it in a formal setting, like a big shopping mall, but if you're going to buy stuff off the street, you don't... it's more common to say
ลดหม่อยได้มั๊ย (lót nàauy dâi mái) "Can you give me some discount?"
13. จ่ายเงินที่ไหน (jàai ngooen thîi năi) "Where do I pay for this?"
14. ห้องลองเสื้ออยู่ที่ไหน (hâawng laawng sûuea yùu thîi năi) "Where is the fitting room?"
In Thailand, it's very common for people to try clothes on before you buy it. So don't be shy to ask this question.
15. มีประกันมั๊ย (mii bprà-gan mái) "Do you offer a warranty?"
This word, ประกัน (bprà-gan), can also mean "insurance," so if you're talking about insurance like life insurance, we also use this word. If you're talking about warranty for electronic devices, you also can use this word as well. So "insurance" or "warranty", ประกัน (bprà-gan).