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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Thai top words. I am Jay and today, we will be doing a lesson about Making Complaints in Thai. Okay, let’s get started.
1. หิวจะตาย (hĭu jà dtaai) "I'm starving."
หิว (hǐu) actually means “hungry” and จะตายแล้ว (jà dtaai láaeo) is like, “I am going to die soon.” So I feel like I am dying because of the hunger. I mean, like yeah, it sounds funny but together, หิวจะตาย (hĭu jà dtaai) is kind of a phrase that we use quite often too when we are very, very hungry. So you can use that when you are very hungry and you want to whine or complain it out.
2. เสียงดัง (sĭiang dang) "It's noisy."
I really hate it when people are noisy or people are just being inconsiderate and talk loud in a place that they shouldn’t like in a library but I mean sometimes, I am very noisy too. So I can’t complain that much. Anyway for this word, you will hear it often in a library or in very quiet place like a librarian might come out and say,
เสียงดังไปแล้วนะ! (sǐiang dang bpai láaeo ná) “It’s too noisy.”
So you will hear that often.
3. อากาศร้อน (aa-gàat ráawn) "It's hot."
This word is very suitable for Thai people I mean those who are visiting Thailand.
อากาศร้อน (aa-gàat ráawn) "It's hot."
Well, I can’t say that it’s a complaint. Maybe it’s just a fact, you know like the weather is hot. So we said that the weather is hot. It doesn’t mean that we have to complain it out or it is a complaint but yeah you will hear it often in Thailand too especially during our summer, which is around April, it is very hot like 40 degrees Celsius there. So if you go to Thailand during that time, you feel it’s a bit too hot for you. You can use this phrase, อากาศร้อน (aa-gàat ráawn) “it’s hot.”
4. แพงเกินไป (paaeng gooen bpai) "It's too expensive."
This phrase I think personally is very useful for the girl who loves to shop.
แพงเกินไป (paaeng gooen bpai) “It’s too expensive.”
Yeah. Actually you can use this as a way to complain to our seller if you feel like the goods that you’re buying is too expensive for you. Like, you know that in Thailand, you can actually bargain for the things that you’re buying if it’s sold on the street. So if you want them to lower the price, you can use this phrase as well like -
แพงเกินไป ลดให้หน่อยได้มั๊ย (phaaeng gooen bpai lót hâi nàauy dâi mái) “it’s too expensive. Can you lower the price a bit?”
5. ฉันอ้วนขึ้น (chăn ûuan khûen) "I got fat."
This sentence I am going to teach you is something that I say it, like, million times.
ฉันอ้วนขึ้น (chăn ûuan khûen) "I got fat."
I am not pregnant, okay. I got fat. I got fat. ฉันอ้วนขึ้น (chăn ûuan khûen)
I think girls love to use this phrase to complain even though they are not fat at all, but for me, yeah I say it quite often too. So you see, I feel like I got fatter. If you watch my videos for the past like 2 or 3 years, you can see that I am getting a bit chubbier. I don’t know why I am complaining about this now but yeah.
6. ฉันจนตลอด (chăn jon dtà-làawt) "I'm always broke."
I overspent my money too. That’s why I kind of feel like this sentence is very useful and it’s quite common to complain it out.
ฉันจนตลอด (chăn jon dtà-làawt) "I'm always broke."
Actually จน (jon) means “poor” If you say ฉันจน (chǎn jon), it means, “I am poor” but it doesn’t mean that you are poor. Maybe like you are shut for this month, this particular month like for me, I am always broke. So I don’t know if there’s any particular month for me that I am rich. Yeah.
7. งานของฉันน่าเบื่อ (ngaan khǎawng chǎn nâa bùuea) "My job is boring."
Well, I heard a lot of my friends complaining about theirs like how their job is being a bit tedious, being boring and they wanted to change job. For me, I feel like finding jobs is like finding a partner in life. You have to be with that job for, like, years, for 10 years, 20 years and also it’s better for you to find a job that you like. For me, I really love this job. I mean, it’s like I get to teach. I get to be on the camera and I get to make people happy about learning Thai. So I feel like I love my job, yeah and you should too.
8. รถติดมาก (rót dtìt mâak) "There is too much traffic."
รถติด (rót dtìt) actually means “traffic jam” So for this phrase, รถติดมาก (rót dtìt mâak); รถ (rót) means cars or automobiles and ติด (dtìt) means like they’re stuck together; มาก (mâak) is like a lot, right. So together, it’s like car, cars are stuck together a lot. So together it means, there is a traffic jam. I think it’s quite useful for you if you are going to Thailand because I am not proud to say but yeah, we are – we still have this problem of having traffic jam in the city and I hope that someone fixes it soon. I mean like people shouldn’t spend hours on the road you know.
9. วายฟายที่นี่ช้าเกินไป (waai-faai thîi nîi cháa gooen bpai) "The Wi-Fi here is too slow."
Yes because we are the mobile phone generation, we need Wi-Fi all the time. I too and if you notice, the word here waai-faai, actually we use the English word to refer to Wi-Fi. So you just say like waai-faai.
วายฟายที่นี่ช้าเกินไป (waai-faai thîi nîi cháa gooen bpai) "The Wi-Fi here is too slow."
If you are going to Thailand, I would recommend you to get a tourist SIM card. I think it’s very cheap. So it’s like it’s very cheap like 200 Baht for one month. Okay, I am not sure about that but I remember it’s very cheap and if you have that, then you don’t need to borrow other people or other shop’s Wi-Fi at all and you will have a pleasant time in Bangkok.
10. คนนั้นตัวเหม็น (khon nán dtuua mĕn) "That person stinks."
Okay. Well yeah, I mean like it can be a complaint but don’t complain about it too loud. It’s not nice. I mean, I know I don’t like people who stinks too but sometimes they can’t help it you know.
Okay. We are done for today’s lesson. What is the complaint that you always make? For me, it is ฉันอ้วนขึ้น (chăn ûuan khûen) “I got fat.” How about you guys? Let us know in the comments below. Bye. See you next time.