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Lesson Transcript

สวัสดีค่ะ(Sà-wàt-dii khâ)
ทุกคน ดิฉันกิตติยาค่ะ(Thúk khon dì-chǎn Kittaya khâ)
Hi everybody! I’m Kittaya.
Welcome to ThaiPod101.com’s “Learn Thai in 3 minutes.” The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Thai.
In the last lesson, we learned the numbers from one to ten. Have you forgotten? Here I'll tell you again:
หนึ่ง สอง สาม สี่ ห้า หก เจ็ด แปด เก้า สิบ(Nùeng, Sǎawng, Sǎam, Sìi, Hâa, Hòk, Jèt, Bpàaet, Gâao, Sìp)
Okay, we are ready for eleven and beyond. But, before we start counting, I’ll let you in on a little secret: The numbers from eleven to nineteen are just like the numbers from one to nine. Just start with the number for ten, สิบ(Sìp), and add the second number after it. So saying fourteen in Thai will be just like saying “ten - four” in English. Isn’t that easy?
There is one tricky part, though, for eleven, we will use a special word for “one” - not หนึ่ง(Nùeng) but เอ็ด(èt)!
Okay, let’s count from from eleven.
11 สิบเอ็ด(Sìp-èt)
[slowly] สิบเอ็ด(Sìp-èt)
12 สิบสอง(Sìp-sǎawng)
[slowly] สิบสอง(Sìp-sǎawng)
13 สิบสาม(Sìp-sǎam)
[slowly] สิบสาม(Sìp-sǎam)
14 สิบสี่(Sìp-sìi)
[slowly] สิบสี่(Sìp-sìi)
15 สิบห้า(Sìp-hâa)
[slowly] สิบห้า(Sìp-hâa)
16 สิบหก(Sìp-hòk)
[slowly] สิบหก(Sìp-hòk)
17 สิบเจ็ด(Sìp-jèt)
[slowly] สิบเจ็ด(Sìp-jèt)
18 สิบแปด(Sìp-bpàaet)
[slowly] สิบแปด(Sìp-bpàaet)
and finally we have,
19 สิบเก้า(Sìp-gâao)
[slowly] สิบเก้า(Sìp-gâao)
Okay, now repeat after me. I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one.
11 สิบเอ็ด(Sìp-èt)
12 สิบสอง(Sìp-sǎawng)
13 สิบสาม(Sìp-sǎam)
14 สิบสี่(Sìp-sìi)
15 สิบห้า(Sìp-hâa)
16 สิบหก(Sìp-hòk)
17 สิบเจ็ด(Sìp-jèt)
18 สิบแปด(Sìp-bpàaet)
19 สิบเก้า(Sìp-gâao)
Do you see how easy it is? Just start with “สิบ(Sìp)” or ten, and then just say the number from 1 to 9 after it. Just remember that, for eleven, we’re going to say เอ็ด(èt) instead of หนึ่ง(Nùeng), to make “สิบเอ็ด(Sìp-èt)”.
Okay, so what happens at 20 and above? Well, Thai numbers just get easier and easier. Take the number from one to ten that you learned in the last lesson, and then just add the word for ten, “สิบ(Sìp)”!
There is also one tricky part, though. For 20, instead of using “สอง(Sǎawng)” you’ll use “ยี่(Yîi)”.
So listen carefully!
20 ยี่สิบ(Yîi-Sìp)
30 สามสิบ(Sǎam-Sìp)
40 สี่สิบ(Sìi-Sìp)
50 ห้าสิบ(Hâa-Sìp)
60 หกสิบ(Hòk-Sìp)
70 เจ็ดสิบ(Jèt-Sìp)
80 แปดสิบ(Bpàaet-Sìp)
90 เก้าสิบ(Gâao-Sìp)
Do you see how easy it is? Just be careful to use ยี่(Yîi) instead of Sǎawng for twenty to make ยี่สิบ(Yîi-Sìp) and you’ll be fine!
"หนึ่งร้อย(Nùeng-ráauy)" is one hundred. Can you break this down? The first part, which you learned in the last lesson, is หนึ่ง(Nùeng), "one". The second part is “ร้อย(Ráauy)” whicn means “hundred” then you will get one hundred.
[slowly] หนึ่งร้อย(Nùeng-ráauy)
How would you say “fifty-six” in Thai? Let’s take it step-by-step. "Fifty" is ห้าสิบ(Hâa-Sìp), and then add "หก(Hòk)", six.
ห้าสิบหก(Hâa-Sìp Hòk)! It’s done! Isn’t that easy?
Let’s make another number, for instance, "ninety-eight."
Take "ninety", เก้าสิบ(Gâao-Sìp), and add "eight", แปด(Bpàaet):
เก้าสิบแปด(Gâao-Sìp Bpàaet)
One last tricky part. If you are trying to add the number “one” หนึ่ง(Nùeng) in a compound number, for example, 21 or 31, you need to add an “เอ็ด(èt) ” instead of หนึ่ง(Nùeng), just like you did with eleven.
Twenty one is not ยี่สิบหนึ่ง(Yîi-Sìp Nùeng), it’s ยี่สิบเอ็ด(Yîi-Sìp èt).
Thirty one is สามสิบเอ็ด(Sǎam-Sìp èt). It’s the same all the way through 90.
Now it’s time for Kittaya’s Quick Tip
After only two lessons, you are now able to count to one hundred in Thai!
You can continue to make numbers from one hundred and one to one hundred and ninety-nine just by placing หนึ่งร้อย(Nùeng-ráauy) in front of the numbers we learned in this lesson! Check out ThaiPod101.com for even more numbers, though they don’t get any harder than what you’ve already learned!
In the next lesson we are going to put your number knowledge to use! Do you have all the skills you need to go shopping in Thai? If not, I'll be waiting for you in our next Learn Thai in 3 minutes lesson.
See you next time สวัสดีค่ะ(Sà-wàt-dii khâ)