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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back to Thai Holiday Words with me, Jay. Today we are going to do Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year. Let's get started!
1. วันตรุษจีน (wan dtrùt jiin) "Lunar New Year"
วันตรุษจีนจะอยู่ในเดือนกุมภาพันธ์เป็นส่วนใหญ่ (wan dtrùt jiin jà yùu nai duuean gum-phaa-phan bpen sùuan yài) "Lunar New Year normally takes place in February."
I think there are some years that it falls in January but not often, mostly are in February.
2. การเชิดสิงโต (gaan chôoet sĭng dtoo) "lion dances"
ในวันตรุษจีน เราสามารถไปดูการเชิดสิงโตได้ที่เยาวราช (nai wan dtrùt jiin rao săa-mâat bpai duu gaan chôoet sĭng dtoo dâi thîi yao-wá-râat) "During the Lunar New Year, you can go and see the lion dance at Yaowarat or Chinatown in Thailand."
3. ขนมเข่ง (khà-nŏm khèng) "Niangao"
I know that now you you're questioning what is Niangao, but niangao is actually Chinese, nian means “year”, and gao, I think it means “sweet”. So together it means “new years sweet”, “new years cake”. Why am I teaching Chinese? I think I have tried during the new year, it tastes very sweet and soft. Pretty cool, so if you have a chance then you should try, too.
ขนมเข่งทำมาจากข้าว (khà-nŏm khèng tham maa jàak kâao) "Niangao is made of rice."
4. ประทัด (bprà-thát) "firecracker"
เด็กๆ ไม่ควรจะเล่นประทัด เพราะมันอันตราย (dèk dèk mâi khuuan jà lên bprà-thát phráw man an-dtà-raai) "Kids should never play fire cracker because it's dangerous."
5. อั่งเปา (àng-bpao) "red envelope"
ในวันตรุษจีน เด็กๆ จะได้รับอั่งเปาจากผู้ใหญ่ (nai wan dtrùt jiin dèk dèk jà dâi ráp àng-bpao jàak phûu yài) "During the Lunar New Year, kids will receive red envelop from adults."
So we are done for today. Personally I love Chinese New Year, or Lunar new year. In Thailand I think it’s very festive and unique. I mean, even though you are not Chinese, or Thai Chinese, you can enjoy it anyway thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe, as always. See ya! Bye-bye!

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