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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Thai Holiday Words with me, Jay. Today, what are we going to do? Hint, hint, hint, I’m doing this. So today, we’ll be talking about one of the religious days of Thailand, Makha Bucha Day. Okay, let’s begin!
1. วันมาฆบูชา (wan maa-khá-buu-chaa) “Makha Bucha Day”
วันมาฆบูชาเป็นวันสำคัญทางศาสนาพุทธ (wan maa-khá-buu-chaa bpen wan săm-khan thaang sàat-sà-năa phút) “Makha Bucha Day is an important Buddhist day.”
In Thailand, we have, I think, five main religious days so far and Makha Bucha is actually of them. So Makha Bucha, วันอาสาฬหบูชา (wan aa-săan-hà buu-chaa), วันเข้าพรรษา (wan khâo phan-săa), วันออกพรรษา (wan àawk pan-săa), วันวิสาขบูชา (wan wí-săa-kha-buu-chaa. I think these are the five most important religious days in Thailand and also in other Buddhist countries as well.
2. ชุมนุม (chum-num) “gather together”
สิ่งอัศจรรย์สิ่งหนึ่งในวันวันมาฆบูชา คือ การที่พระสงฆ์ 1,250 รูป มาชุมนุมกัน โดยไม่ได้นัดหมาย (sìng àt-sà-jan sìng nùeng nai wan maa-khá-buu-chaa khuue maa chum-num gan dooi mâi dâi nát măai) “One of the auspicious things in Makha Bucha Day is that the 1,250 monks gather together to see Buddha without being summoned.”
3. เจดีย์ (jee-dii) “pagoda”
เจดีย์มีไว้สำหรับบรรจุอัฐิธาตุของพระพุทธเจ้าและสาวก (jee-dii mii wái săm-ràp ban-jù àt-thì thâat khǎawng phrá phút) “Pagoda is for containing the relics of the Buddha and his followers.”
4. รัตนไตร (rát-dtà-ná-dtrai) “Three Jewels”
องค์ประกอบของพระรัตนไตร ได้แก่ พระพุทธ พระธรรม พระสงฆ์ (ong-bprà-gàawp khǎawng phrá rát-dtà-ná-dtrai dâi gàae phrá-phút phrá-tham phrá-sŏng) “The Three Jewels refer to three things that are (1) Buddha (2) Buddhist Teaching and (3) Buddhist Monks.”
5. พระสงฆ์ (phrá-sŏng) “monks”
ชายไทยส่วนใหญ่บวชเป็นพระสงฆ์เพื่อพ่อแม่ (chaai thai sùuan yài bùuat bpen phrá-sŏng phûuea phâaw mâae) “Thai guys usually become monks for their mother and father.”
Okay, we are done with today’s word. Are you able to understand most of it? I know that it’s a bit difficult because of the words that are related to religion and is pretty technical right? Even for me, I find it quite difficult to understand. However, if you have any questions, please let us know and we will get to you later. Anyway, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and see you next time. Bye-bye!

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