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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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ซาร่า โรสเม่รี วอทลิง
Saturday at 11:08 AM
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boo hoo - the iPhone strikes again ... I want my BB wheel!!

I'll shut up but have now completed several times without variation a validation of Erving Goffman's pioneering work

only thing left now is to get menstrual cycles aligned....?!

bye x

ซาร่า โรสเม่รี วอทลิง
Saturday at 11:05 AM
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lovely looking course but I can't play the sound files at all on my iPod! maybe they work better on a Blackberry?!

I am blessed though with an orchard of Thai speakers who despite all originating from Ban Thaen have a good grasp of the Bangkok dialect 

as an aside, are you able to give a definitive advisory statement on the conversion of foreign names to written Thai. My middle name is pronounced as โรสเม่รี, but the 'correct' Thai for that herb is โรสเมรี่(of course I wrote my name without using the dictionary!). Which should take priority? eg should I have argued with the lady in immigration who mis-spelled my surname in a work permit.

anyhow I hope you can find a way to persuade Apple Computers to build Flash into iOS. Btw you must include a link to the e-version of the "Paiboon" dictionary - it is I have to say absolutely awesome!! should in itself be wrapped up as a course; I do have a number of people (sometimes a few each day) moaning in my ear that there is no reading of the English (native speaker of course and no US imposters). actually the moaning has become such that I can close out my mind and think of far away places, but hey ho.

well, I hope you have found this feedback stimulating, humour