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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Listeners, how do you use your iPad, iPhone or iPod to learn Thai? Leave a comment by 9/17 to win free apps! We’ll contact the winners when the contest closes! And remember, our all iPad apps are 50% off for a limited time!

Sunday at 10:32 PM
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I just came across this now. I've been using my iPad to kitten to shows but also found some nice apps to practice writing in Thai. I think that while I'm an absolute beginner I am at a point where I need to learn to read in order to make real progress.

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Friday at 03:24 PM
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Hi Pooneem,

We tried to email you, but the email didn't go through. Can you send an email directly to affiliates@innovativelanguage.com?

Thank you very much.

Thursday at 08:01 PM
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Hi, great - that was an easy one, but I guess it'll become more difficult as the community grows :-)

How do we claim the apps?



Wednesday at 05:15 PM
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This contest is now closed.

Congratulations to Pooneem8 (Word Power for iPhone) and Ualan (MyWords

for iPhone)! We’ll be emailing you shortly on instructions on how to

claim your apps!

Thanks to everyone for commenting and giving us feedback! We’ll be

doing more giveaways in the future, so keep listening!

Tuesday at 03:11 PM
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I love word power on my iphone because it includes 2000 words including writing in the original script as well as the correct prononciation by a native speacker. hope the ipad version will soon have the sam number of words like the iphone version!

Monday at 03:07 AM
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with the iPhone/iPod my basic focus for learning is on the audio part while travelling. Waiting at the airport, riding on a train or even in the car is a good opportunity for me to listen to the lessons, spending my time effectively.

As for the visuals (videos, lessons notes, flashcards etc), when there is a higher focus needed than just listening and when readability is an issue, I think their usage will boost with an iPad on the move.