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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Did you get it right?

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Sunday at 08:26 PM
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สวัสดี Kong Yew Wan,

Thank you for your feedback. I will forward it to our team for consideration.

If you have any further feedback or questions, we are glad to assist.

Good luck with your language studies.

Kind regards,

เลเว็นเต้ (Levente)

Team ThaiPod101.com

Kong Yew Wan
Saturday at 10:52 PM
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Too many new words to have any chance of understanding. Unlikely to have seen words like ผสม เนย เตาอบ or แป้ง in any other lessons before this.

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Saturday at 07:48 PM
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Dear Catherine,

Thank you very much for your comment. For your question, both "bai" and "faawng" are a classifier for egg, but "bai" is often use. Hope that help.

Have a nice day.

Thank you,


Team ThaiPod101.com

Thursday at 02:24 PM
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jàak-nán sài khài sǎawng faawng láe phà-sǒm hâi khâo-gan dii

The classifier for egg is bai, is that right?

could you please explain for here is using faawng ?