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ThaiPod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Did you get it right?

ThaiPod101.com Verified
Wednesday at 11:06 PM
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Hello Jonas,

Thank you very much for your comment and question. Yes, you are right เนƒเธŠเนˆเน„เธซเธก is a correct spelling, but we speak เธกเธฑเน‰เธข with high tone so we spell it this way to make it easier for learner who already read Thai. Hope that's help. Please let me know if you have any future questions. I will be glad to help. We wish you will have a good progress with Thai.

Have a nice day.


Team ThaiPod101.com

Jonas Langborg
Tuesday at 04:39 PM
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Why do you spell เนƒเธŠเนˆเธกเธฑเน‰เธข like that? I learned that it's spelled เนƒเธŠเนˆเน„เธซเธก in school.