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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back to Thai weekly words with me Prathana and this week, we will be learning about weather
1.[ชื้น] (chúuen) humid
[หน้าร้อนอากาศทั้งร้อนทั้งชื้น] (nâa-ráawn aa-gàat tháng ráawn tháng chúuen) In the summer, the weather will be hot and humid
2.[ฝน] (fŏn) rain
[เวลาฝนตกรถจะติด] (wee-laa fŏn dtòk rót jà dtìt) when it rains, the traffic will get really bad.
3.[ลม] (lom) wind
[วันนี้ไม่ค่อยร้อนเพราะมีลม] (wan-níi mâi khâuy ráawn phráw mii lom) today is not very hot because the wind is blowing.
4.[น้ำท่วม] (nám-thûuam) flood
[เมื่อสองสามปีก่อน ที่เมืองไทยเกิดน้ำท่วมหนัก] (mûuea sǎawng săam bpii gàawn thîi muueang thai gòoet nám-thûuam nàk) A couple of years ago, there was a serious flood in Thailand
5.[แดด] (dàaet) sunny. Actually [แดด] (dàaet) means sunlight but when it’s sunny, we say [แดดออก] (dàaet àawk) means to go out or to come out.
[เมื่อวานฝนตก แต่วันนี้แดดออก] (mûuea-waan fŏn dtòk dtàae wan-níi dàaet àawk) Yesterday it rained but today it’s sunny
and that’s the end for weekly words. If you have any comments, any questions please be sure to let us know and see you again next time, bye.