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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome back to Thai weekly words with me Prathana and this week, we will be learning, oh my favorite thing, flavors.
1.[เค็ม] (khem) salty
[การทานอาหารเค็มมากเกินไปไม่ดีต่อสุขภาพ] (gaan thaan aa-hăan khem mâak gooen bpai mâi dii dtàaw sùk-khà-phâap) eating too much salty food is not good for your health
2.[หวาน] (wăan) sweet
[เค้กชิ้นนี้หวานมาก] (khéek chín níi wăan mâak) this piece of cake is very sweet
3.[ขม] (khŏm) bitter
[เด็กๆไม่ชอบอาหารรสขม] (dèk dèk mâi châawp aa-hăan rót khŏm) children don’t like bitter food. In Thai, we say that once you start to like bitter food, that means you get old already.
4.[เผ็ด] (phèt) spicy
[อาหารไทยส่วนมากมีรสเผ็ด] (aa-hăan thai sùuan mâak mii rót phèt) most of Thai food is spicy
5.[เปรี้ยว] (bprîiao) sour
[มะนาวมีรสเปรี้ยว] (má-naao mii rót bprîiao) lime is sour
and that’s the end for today’s weekly word. If you have any comments or any questions, please be sure to let us know and we will see you in the next weekly words. Bye.