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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome back to Thai weekly words with me Prathana. This week, we will be learning about something that you might not like, its vegetables.
1.[มันฝรั่ง] (man-fa-ràng) potato. I think potato shouldn’t be – in some way, it doesn’t feel like it’s a vegetable
[ฉันชอบทานมันฝรั่งทอด] (chăn châawp thaan man-fa-ràng thâawt) I like eating fried potato
2.[หัวหอม] (hŭua-hǎawm) onion
[เวลาหั่นหัวหอม ฉันมักจะน้ำตาไหล] (wee-laa hàn hŭua-hǎawm chăn mák jà náam-dtaa lăi) I usually have tears when I cut the onion
3.[มะเขือ] (má-khǔuea) eggplant
[คนไทยชอบกินแกงใส่มะเขือ] (khon thai châawp gin gaaeng sài má-khǔuea) Thai people like to eat curry with eggplant. Well not all Thai people, yeah.
4.[พริกขี้หนู] (phrík-khîi-nǔu) Chili pepper
[อาหารไทยจำนวนมากใส่พริกขี้หนู] (aa-hăan thai jam-nuuan mâak sài phrík-khîi-nǔu) A lot of Thai food has chili pepper in it and that makes it spicy
5.[กระเทียม] garlic (grà-thiiam)
[ว่ากันว่า แดร็กคูล่ากลัวกระเทียม] (wâa gan wâa dràek-khuu-lâa gluua grà-thiiam) they say that Dracula is afraid of Garlic, vampire in general
and that’s the end for weekly words today. We will see you in the next weekly words, bye.

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