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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Prathana and welcome to Thai weekly words. So for this week, we will be talking about being sick [mâi sà-baai] in Thai.
The first word is [gaan dtìt-chúuea] infection, not very nice. So [gaan dtìt-chúuea] is a noun right but we usually use this word [dtìt-chúuea] as a verb more often in daily life
[khăo mii plăae dtìt-chúuea jon dtâwng bpai hăa mǎaw] He has a wound with an infection. So he has to go see a doctor.
The next word is [wàt] a cold. This is a common word, so you should be learning this.
For a sample sentence [khăo bpen wàt looei bpai roong-riian mâi dâai] He has a cold, so he cannot go to school.
The next word is [rôok phuum-pháae] allergy, yeah we say that’s a verb
[khon thîi bpen rôok phuum-pháae khuuan bpai phóp phâaet] people with allergy should go see a doctor. Well actually we have another word in Thai that we use a lot to mean allergy like seafood allergy which a lot of people in Thailand have it. So we just say [pháae] which is the same word as loss [khăo pháae aa-hăan thá-lee looei gin gûng mâi dâai]. He has seafood allergy, so he cannot eat shrimps, sad.
The next word is [rôok hùuet-hàawp] asthma
[chăn mii phûuean bpen rôok hùuet-hàawp dtâwng phók yaa dtà-làawt wee-laa] I have a friend who has asthma and she has to carry medicine with her all the time. And that’s true story,
so the next word is [khâi-wàt-yài] influenza
[mûuea bpii thîi-láaeo chăn bpen khâi-wàt-yài jon dtâwng naawn roong-phá-yaa-baan] Last year, I had influenza, so I had to get hospitalized. That was not true though.
And the end, so that was all for this week. We learned the words about being sick [mâi sà-baai] and if you have any comments or any questions, please let us know and we will see you next time, bye.


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