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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome back to Thai weekly words with me Prathana. This week, we will be learning about direction words [kham-sàp gìiao-gàp thít-thaang].
[dâan lăng] back. The kid is sitting in the back seat
[dèk khon nán nâng yùu thîi bàw dâan lăng]
[dâan nâa] front
[dâan nâa khǎawng chăn mii dtùek dtem bpai mòt] there are many buildings in front of me.
[khâang-nâawk] outside
[khâang-nâawk aa-gàat ráawn mâak] outside it is very hot
[khâang-nai] inside
[khâang-nai bâan mâi khâuy mii dàaet] there is no much sunlight inside the house
[thít dtà-wan-àawk] east
[phrá-aa-thít khûen thaang thít dtà-wan-àawk] the sun rises in the east
and that’s the end for today’s Thai weekly words. If you have any comments or any questions, please be sure to let us know and we will see you in the next Thai weekly words, bye.


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