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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Prathana and we will be doing Thai weekly words today. So in this program, we will be learning a few Thai words every week. This week, we will be learning about computer words [kham-sàp khawm-phiu-dtôoe].
[khawm-phiu-dtôoe phók-phaa] Laptop computer. We just say [láep-tháwp] or [nóot-búk] to mean laptop computer or notebook computer. We don’t usually say [khawm-phiu-dtôoe phók-phaa].
[khawm-phiu-dtôoe phók-phaa rûn níi náam-nàk bao mâak] This laptop computer is really light.
The next word is [nâa-jaaw] monitor
[khawm-phiu-dtôoe khrûueang níi sĭia láaeo nâa-jaaw bpòoet mâi dtìt] This computer is broken. The monitor isn’t turned on, that’s bad news.
[máo] or mouse
[yàak dâai máo rái-săai wái chái gàp nóot-búk] I want a wireless mouse to use with my notebook computer.
The next word is [bpâen-phim] or keyboard or you can just say [khii-bàawt] to mean the same thing
[bpâen-phim an níi sĭiang dang nùuak-hǔu] This keyboard is noisy.
The next word is [mai-khroo-foon] or microphone. We usually shorten this word to just [mai]
so a sample sentence is [khăo ráawng-phleeg mâi phráw dtàae yàak dâai mai-khroo-foon phaaeng] he is not good at singing but he wants an expensive microphone
and that’s the end for today Thai weekly words. If you have any comments or any question, just leave it down below and we will see you in the next Thai weekly words. Bye.