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Lesson Transcript

Hello, welcome to Thai weekly words with me Prathana and today, we will be learning about bugs and insects [má-laaeng] in Thai.
The first word we shall see is [phûeng] bee
[sà-măi dèk chăn gluua phûeng mâak] which means when I was young, I used to be scared of bees.
The next word is [mót] or ant.
[nai hâwng-khruua mii mót dtem bpai mòt] there are ants everywhere in the kitchen and that’s scary.
The next word is [nǎawn-phǐi-sûuea] or caterpillar
[nǎawn-phǐi-sûuea dtua níi gam-lang jà glaai bpen phǐi-sûuea] this caterpillar is transforming into a butterfly.
The next word is [má-laaeng-sàap] or cockroach. This is the worst insect of all
[mii má-laaeng-sàap gàw yùu bon phee-daan] there is a cockroach on the ceiling.
The next word is [yung] or mosquito. In Thailand, there are a lot of mosquitoes because the weather is warm and everything. When it gets dark and they will come out a lot.
[dtaawn-yen khuuan rá-wang yung gàt] You should be careful not to get mosquito bites in the evening
and that’s all for today Thai weekly words. We will see you again next time. If you have any comments or any questions, just let us know. Thank you and see you again next time. Bye.