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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, welcome back to Thai weekly words with me Prathana and this week, we will be learning about in your wallet [nai grà-bpăo sà-dtaang]
[wee-laa bpai sǔun aa-hăan dtâwng chái khuu-bpawng thaaen ngoen-sòt] when you go to food courts, you have to use coupons instead of cash. I know that’s inconvenient but that’s how it is in Bangkok
[naam-bàt] this is an important word for those of you who want to do business in Thailand. It is business card
[wee-laa bpai phóp lûuk-kháa yàa luuem phók naam-bàt] when you go out to see your clients, don’t forget your business card
[bàt sà-maa-chík] membership card
[thâa mii bàt sà-maa-chík jà dâai lót sìp bpooe-sen]. If you have a membership card, you get 10% discount. So that’s the reason why you should have membership cards of shops that you go too often.
[bàt khree-dìt] credit card
[hâang yài yài ráp bàt khree-dìt] big department stores take credit cards, it’s convenient to have credit cards with you when you go to department stores and you get points too right
and also cash [ngoen-sòt]. Of course, this is the most important thing that you should have in your wallet so you need to learn this word [เงินสด].
[chăn mii ngoen-sòt mâi phaaw looei dtâwng bpai gòt ee-thii-em] I don’t have enough cash, so I have to withdraw money from the ATM. ATM in Thailand is actually convenient because it opens 24 hours a day on every day. So if you ever need to use the ATM, you can find them all around
and so these are all the weekly words for today. If you have any comments, any question, please be sure to let us know and we will see you in the next weekly words. See you, bye.