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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome to Thai weekly words with me Prathana. This week, we will be learning about solar system.
[phrá-aa-thít] Sun
[phrá-aa-thít bpen sǔun-glaang khǎawng rá-bòp sù-rí-yá-jàk-grà-waan] the sun is at the center of the solar system.
[phrá-jan] moon
[khuuen níi phrá-jan sŭuai mâak] tonight the moon is very beautiful. What a romantic sentence!
[lôok ] earth
[lôok mâi dâai baaen] the earth is not flat
[daao ang-khaan] mars
[kháo wâa gan wâa phûu-chaai maa jàak daao ang-khaan] they said men are from mars, and women are from Venus
[daao săo] Saturn
[daao săo yùu glai jàak lôok mâak] Saturn is very far from the earth. I hope that’s right. I know that’s right. I learned about it in primary school.
So – and that’s the end for solar system words. I hope you learned something from this video and we will see you in the next weekly words. If you have any questions, any comments, let us know and we will see you again next time. Bye.