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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome back to Thai weekly words with me Prathana.
This week, we will be learning about medicine [yaa].
[yaa chá-nít níi mii phŏn-khâang-khiiang] This medicine has the side effect.
[bai sàng yaa] Prescription
[gaan súue yaa baang chá-nít jam bpen dtâwng chái bai sàng yaa] To buy certain types of drug, you need prescription but actually in Thailand, buying medicine is quite easy
[yaa gâae wàt] cold medicine
[gaan thaan yaa gâae wàt àat tham hâi ngûuang dâai] taking cold medicine might make you feel sleepy
[yaa náam gâae ai] cough syrup
[yaa náam gâae ai yîi-hâaw níi rót-châat mâi a-ràuy looei] this brand of cough syrup doesn’t taste good at all
[yaa bpà-dtì-chii-wá-ná] antibiotic
[gaan thaan yaa bpà-dtì-chii-wá-ná dtâwng thaan hâi khróp dtaam thîi mǎaw sàng] if you take antibiotic medicine, you have to take the whole course as recommended by doctor
and that’s the end for today’s weekly words. If you have any comments, any questions, please be sure to let us know and I will see you in the next weekly words. Bye.