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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome back to Thai weekly words with me Prathana. This week, we will be learning about hygiene actions.
[goon] to shave
[khun-phâaw goon nùuat thúk cháao] my father shaves his beard every morning
[bpraaeng] to brush
[rao khuan bpraaeng fan yàang náauy wan lá sǎawng khráng] we should brush our teeth at least twice a day. We can use this word with hair as well as teeth and this is same as in English.
[châae náam] To bathe
[khon thai mâi khâuy ní-yom châae náam] Thai people don’t usually bathe ______ (0:00:00) weather is really hot. So there is no need to do hot bath or anything like that.
[láang] To wash
[khuuan láang muue thúk krháng gàawn gin khâao] You should wash your hands every time before a meal.
[wǐi] to comb
[dèk dèk wǐi phŏm gàawn bpai roong-riian] the kids comb their hair before going to school
and that’s the end of weekly words. If you have any comments or any questions or anything to say, just leave it down below and be sure to check out the next Thai weekly words. We will see you again next time, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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How about some common phrases above the most basic level? Thanks

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Hello Christiane,

Thank you so much for your suggestion. We really appreciated. "ní-yom" means "popular. Our team will consider about putting this word into vocabulary list.

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Kô-thôot kà….. "ni-yom" ??? ( should be added in that vocabulary list, for my complete comprehension ! ) :wink:

Thanks for let me know the exact meaning of this short word . ( Je voudrais vous dire cette phrase en Thaïlandais ! ) :open_mouth: