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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Do you have a favorite animal? Can you say its name in Thai?

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Wednesday at 01:34 PM
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Hello Bob,

Thank you for question. It's becase "maa" rising tone is informal that why you hear it more often in daily conversation. So, you're not wrong. Best to know both. Hope that’s help. Please let me know if you have any future questions. I will be glad to help.

Have a good day.


Team ThaiPod101.com

Sunday at 11:01 AM
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I never hear anyone here in Thailand use the word "sunak" for "dog." I only hear "ma" (rising tone.) Am I using it wrong?

ThaiPod101.com Verified
Monday at 04:17 PM
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Hi Malina,

Thanks for the comment. We're sorry to hear that you don't like the background music. We're afraid that we don't have option to turn off the music from the video, but let us consider your idea and opinion when we develop next video series. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you

Jay / ThaiPod101.com

Monday at 02:09 PM
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the music is very distracting. Is it possible to play the videos without the background music?

Sunday at 06:29 PM
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I like this film. Otherwise, I think that the example sentences dont really go for beginners level.

Monday at 07:12 PM
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Elephants are so close to Thai people. I think one of the reasons is because we have one well-known children's song called "เพลงช้าง (phleeng cháang)" or "elephant song" which is taught to students in primary schools. The lyrics of the song describe an appearance of an elephant.

Here is the link to the song, just in case anyone wants to try singing along>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpXKxhsyaug


ช้าง ช้าง ช้าง ช้าง ช้าง

cháang cháang cháang cháang cháang


náawng khooei hěn cháang rǔue bpaao


cháang man dtuua dtoo mâi bao


jà-mùuk yaao-yaao rîiak wâa nguuang


mii khîiao dtâai nguuang rîiak wâa ngaa

มีหู มีตา หางยาว

mii hǔu mii dtaa hǎang yaao

English translation

Elephant elephant elephant elephant elephant

Have you my darling seen an elephant?

The elephant, it is quite big

With a long nose called trunk

It has fangs underneath the trunk called tusks

It has ears, eyes and a long tail.

Hope you guys enjoy the elephant song!!

Wednesday at 06:39 PM
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I hear that elephants are really important in Thailand. Anyone know how to say "elephant" in Thai?