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How to Speak Thai

Thailand, renowned for its religious shrines and exotic flowers with heady fragrances, has an equally nuanced and colorful language to match. If you are interested in learning how to speak Thai chances are you are already well-acquainted with the culture. Perhaps you’ve visited Thailand and fallen in love with the friendly people and casual way of life. Now would be the perfect time to learn to speak Thai, the language which captivated you on your visit. In fact, interest in learning the Thai language has risen over the past decade, and the number of students who learn to speak Thai continues to increase every year.

But many new students want to know if learning how to speak Thai is easy. While no new language is simple to learn, the Thai language does have a few benefits that can make it easier than other languages, such as the grammar rules which are few and simple. Unlike other languages, Thai words do not have masculine and feminine properties to memorize. In Thai, a pencil is a pencil and a pen is a pen, not a feminine pencil and a masculine pen. With that being said there are also a few things that make Thai a harder language to learn as well. For example, the Thai language has 91 distinct symbols in its alphabet, including vowels and vowel forms. For westerners used to a 26-letter alphabet, that can make a lot of extra letters to have to memorize.

If you are set on learning how to speak Thai the best way to do so is through Thai lessons. Nowadays language lessons are available online. The main difference between an online class and a traditional classroom lesson is that with online Thai lessons you can choose the time and place to take them. This is especially useful for busy professionals who may have a job, family, and other commitments that take up the majority of their time. In addition, an online Thai podcast offers extra amenities such as a Thai dictionary, recordings of native Thai speakers pronouncing words, and the ability to learn at the pace you are most comfortable with.

Learning to speak Thai can be a gift to yourself and can bring the memory of your trips to Thailand to you without ever having to leave your house. And unlike a dream vacation, speaking Thai doesn’t have to end.