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Lesson Transcript

Jay: Hi guys, I am Jay and today we are going to do top 25 Thai nouns. Let’s begin.
ห้องน้ำ (hǎawng-náam) - “toilet”. You always want to go to toilet right? I mean, yeah so it’s very useful word like where is the toilet? You just ask ห้องน้ำอยู่ไหนคะ (hâwng-náam yùu năi khá) for girls and ห้องน้ำอยู่ไหนครับ (hâwng-náam yùu năi khráp) for guys.
แท็กซี่ (tháek-sîi) Taxi. See like the same word, just like different accent and if you go to Bangkok, you can find lot of taxi like taxi in Thailand is everywhere and it’s very cheap.
สนามบิน (sà-năam-bin) Airport บิน (bin) actually means flying. So if you remember that like เครื่องบิน (khrûueang-bin) is airplane and สนามบิน (sà-năam bin) is airport.
รถเมล์ (rót mee) Bus. In Thailand, we have lot of buses but some are not air-coned so like for me, I don’t like taking bus in Thailand, it’s very hot.
ป้ายรถเมล์ (bpâai rót mee) Bus stop ป้าย (bpâai) actually means board or like signboard. So when you combine both words together, it becomes ป้ายรถเมล์ (bpâai rót mee) bus stop ป้ายรถเมล์อยู่ที่ไหน (bpâai rót mee yùu thîi-năi) Where is the bus stop?
ตุ๊กตุ๊ก (dtúk-dtúk) Motor rickshaw taxi. I think if you want to visit Thailand, you want to try this one out. ตุ๊กตุ๊ก (dtúk-dtúk) cute isn’t it, the sound ตุ๊กตุ๊ก (dtúk-dtúk) it’s like a three-wheel taxi.
สองแถว (sǎawng-thăeo) Truck, taxi. It’s not truck and taxi, it’s actually this taxi that looks like a truck. You don’t normally see it nowadays. It’s very convenient though.
รถไฟ (rót fai) Train. If you have noticed so far, we have the word รถ (rót) in front of every word. The word รถ (rót) actually means vehicle or car. So when you put that like in front, we know that you are talking about some vehicle ฉันเดินทางโดยรถไฟ (chăn dooen-thaang dooi rót fai) I travel by train
เรือ (ruuea) boat, strange as it sounds but we do travel by boats in Bangkok, yes we do. It’s one of the transportation. popular transportation in Bangkok because Bangkok is divided by a big river called เจ้าพระยา (jâao-phrá-yaa). So sometimes they have to cross the river. So if you want to say, I travel by boat, you can say ฉันเดินทางโดยเรือ (chăn dooen-thaang dooi ruuea)
มอเตอร์ไซค์ (maaw-dtôoe-sai) Motorcycle. You will see a lot of motorcycles in Thailand. There are a lot, it’s really a lot. That’s why sometimes when you cross the road, it’s a bit dangerous because you might bump into some motorcycles there. I ride a motorcycle. In Thai, you can say ฉันขับรถมอเตอร์ไซค์ (chăn khàp rót maaw-dtôoe-sai)
สามี (săa-mii) Husband. We use that in writing speaking sometimes in a formal situations. So normally like in Thailand, if you want to refer to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, you just say แฟน (faaen) like นี่คือแฟนของฉัน (nîi khuue faaen khǎawng chăn) people that you are in relationship with.
อาหาร (aa-hăan) Food อันนี้อาหารอะไร (an-níi aa-hăan a-rai) อันนี้ (an-níi) This is อาหาร (aa-hăan) food อะไร (a-rai) what, what kind of food is this or maybe you want to ask, if this food is spicy อาหารนี้เผ็ดไหม (aa-hăan níi phèt máai) Is this food spicy?
เครื่องดื่ม (khrûueang-dùuem) Drink เครื่องดื่ม (khrûueang-dùuem) means drink. If you want to say I want to order a drink, you can say ฉันอยากสั่งเครื่องดื่ม (chăn yàak sàng khrûueang-dùuem) So my favorite Thai drink so far is Thai ice tea. Have you tried it? You should you know because like it’s one of the best.
น้ำ (náam) water . If you want to say, I want to drink water which you will have to say quite often if you are going to Thailand because it’s very hot ฉันอยากดื่มน้ำ (chăn yàak dùuem náam) I want to drink water.
ห้าง (hâang) Department store, if you want to say, I want to go shopping at a department store, you can say ฉันอยากไปชอปปิงที่ห้าง (chăn yàak bpai cháwp-bpîng thîi hâang) I always go to a department store because like there is a free air con there.
โจร (joon) Thief. For example, your mobile phone got stolen and you want to explain that your mobile phone got stolen by a thief, you can say มือถือของฉันโดนโจรขโมยไป (muue-thuue khǎawng chăn doon joon khà-mooi bpai) My phone got stolen by a thief.
ตำรวจ (dtam-rùuat) Police. So when we have a thief, we have a police. The sentence I want to call police in Thai is ฉันอยากโทรหาตำรวจ (chăn yàak thoo hăa dtam-rùuat) I want to call police and if you want to call police in Thailand, you just dial this number 191. Ring, ring…
โรงแรม (roong-raaem) Hotel I want to reserve a room at the hotel. You can say ฉันอยากจองห้องที่โรงแรม (chăn yàak jaawng hâwng thii roong-raaem)
บ้าน (bâan) Home บ้าน (bâan) Home or house. Me, I am living with my family in a house. I don’t really have to anything to say about house. There’s nothing to talk about house.
ครอบครัว (khrâawp-khruua) Family. A nomal, typical traditional Thai families, they live like ten people in a house like grandparents, parents, kids, ครอบครัวของฉันมีสี่คน (khrâawp-khruua khǎawng chăn mii sìi khon) There are four people in my family.
พ่อ (phâaw) Father. Father in Thai is พ่อ (phâaw). So if you want to make it more polite and more formal like when you are writing or like you want to address someone’s father in a polite way, you say คุณพ่อ (khun phâaw)
mother คุณแม่ (khun mâae) You put the word คุณ (khun) in front of the word (พ่อ) and (แม่) to make it – it sounds more polite คุณแม่ของคุณชื่ออะไร (khun mâae khǎawng khun chûue a-rai) What is your mother’s name? Easy isn’t it? So yeah,
ลูก (lûuk) daughter or son. So if you want to say daughter, you can say ลูกสาว (lûuk săao) สาว means like female and for son, you can say ลูกชาย (lûuk chaai) like male. So ลูก (lûuk) means kids like your kids. Daughter ลูกสาว (lûuk săao) and son ลูกชาย (lûuk chaai)
พี่ (phîi) Older brother or sister. So if you want to be specific, you want to say that this is my older brother, you say พี่ชาย (phîi chaai) and older sister, you say พี่สาว (phîi săao). For someone like me, I am Jay and if I am older than you, regardless that I am your family member or not, you call the person พี่เจ (phîi jee) to give respect to the person that the person is older than you.
น้อง (náawng) younger brother or sister. If you want to refer to younger brother, it is น้องชาย (náawng chaai) and younger sister น้องสาว (náawng săao). If you find someone that’s younger than you, you say น้อง (náawng). So if you are older than me, I am Jay right, you call me น้องเจ (náawng jee). It kind of gives like this cute like feeling of adorable like the person like you are saying this to me, I will feel like oh you are very nice to say this. done. Okay we are done for today. Thank you for watching me. Today we have done top 25 Thai nouns. Can you remember them all? It’s okay if you don’t but please don’t forget to subscribe our channel. See you next time. Bye!