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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Farm work is difficult but said to be rewarding. Has anyone here ever worked on a farm?

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Monday at 09:14 AM
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:razz:Hi, Cooper.

This is Jay from Thaipod101.com

FIrst of all, We are sorry for your inconvenience. We've checked the video right after checking your comment, but it was working fine for us. If you could let us know which browser you are using, it would help you see the video with no problems. For some users, they couldn't see video files on the Internet explorer, and we're working on fixing the problem. In that case, please check the video with other browser, too.

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Saturday at 02:06 PM
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Defected video, can not finish. And this is the 2nd one!

Sunday at 06:32 PM
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Interesting films to get the main vocabulary. Though for beginners it seems nearly impossible to understand the whole sentences.

Wednesday at 06:35 PM
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I've done a little farm work. Mainly, it was picking vegetables. Besides animals, are there any other useful farm terms that we might use?