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Thai Vocabulary Words

Increasing your Thai vocabulary can seem like a daunting task to students just learning how to speak Thai. If you would like to enhance your vocabulary and learn more about the Thai language there are four tools which will quickly become priceless to you. Take advantage of these tools and you will find yourself learning Thai quickly and effectively.

The first tool that students learning the Thai language should always have is a Thai dictionary. Without a Thai dictionary you will spend a lot of time figuring out proper spelling, pronunciation, and usage of any given word. A dictionary can save you hours of research, and when you are trying to learn another language those are hours you could spend studying instead.

The next tool which is helpful when learning new Thai words is a set of flash cards. Whether you buy a premade set or make your own, a set of flashcards is a quick and easy method for studying English to Thai translations. Flashcards can be especially good when learning the Thai alphabet. A good tip when studying with flashcards to learn Thai is to group like sets of vocabulary words together. Examples of group sets are numbers, letters, animals, colors, common phrases, and household items.

A good podcast is another recommended tools for anyone wanting to learn how to speak Thai. In addition to being able to hear exactly how a word should be pronounced and in what context it should be used, a podcast can give you the opportunity to practice Thai phrases and words at the most convenient time for you. Privacy and ease-of-use are other hallmarks of a podcast class.

What is the final recommended tool for students learning the Thai language? A sense of humor! Humor can be important for students, especially when they begin to feel frustrated with the learning process. There may be times that you will feel like your head is about to explode from all the new information you are trying to retain. At times like these try to inject a little humor into the situation and you will feel better. It may not seem funny to you when you are having trouble with certain Thai words, but the reality is that learning another language should never become too serious. A good laugh can quickly diffuse frustration, and you should be ready to get back to your studies right away.