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Making Thai breakthroughs is easier than you think. Successful learners go one step at a time. Do just one ThaiPod101 lesson and in minutes, you master the entire conversation. Do another tomorrow. With each lesson, you speak more Thai right now while typical learners sit around and just worry about “being fluent someday.” Start breaking through right now with a 28% discount, an exclusive interview with Benny Lewis, and more ways to boost your Thai vocab!

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2) “Can You Really Master a Language in 3 Months?”– Interview with Benny Lewis
Missed this awesome interview? In need of some Thai learning tips, strategies and motivation? Benny Lewis, the Irish polyglot, is a full-time language hacker, blogger, and author, who has learned over 12 languages. In this interview, Benny sits down with ThaiPod101’s founder, Peter Galante, and shares his methods and strategies on learning any language.
Click on the link below to listen and be sure to leave a comment!

Click here to listen to this exclusive interview with Benny Lewis!

3) Free Feature Alert: The Thai Word of the Day
It takes nothing to learn one Thai word a day. And if you’re dedicated, one of two things will happen. One: your vocabulary builds up over time without any hard work. Two: you realize you can master A LOT more Thai in a day…and you get even better. That’s the power of starting small. Subscribe to the Thai Word of the Day and learn Thai effortlessly! Get a daily word along with its translation and sample sentences delivered to your inbox!

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Make your Thai breakthrough! Click here to claim your 28% discount.
Make your Thai breakthrough! Click here to claim your 28% discount.