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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Thai Language


So, you’re thinking about learning a foreign language…but you’re not quite convinced that it’s worth the time and effort. Or maybe you’re aware of the benefits bilingualism can bring, but you’re not sure which language you should pursue. 

If you’re feeling stuck and need that extra push to start working toward your linguistic aspirations, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, we’ll give you 10 compelling answers to the question “Why learn Thai?” 

Some of the reasons we list can be applied to any foreign language (career opportunities and personal growth), while others are unique to Thai (familiarity with the Thai culture and better access to the country). 

Let’s dig in!

A Woman Thinking against a White Background

Why should you learn Thai?

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  1. Thailand has a rich culture.
  2. It’s a nice place for retirement.
  3. Learning Thai will increase your work opportunities and career options.
  4. It will also increase your business opportunities.
  5. You’ll have better travel experiences.
  6. You’ll be able to communicate better with loved ones.
  7. Your life in Thailand will be much more convenient.
  8. You’ll have a better chance of wooing a Thai lover.
  9. The grammar is actually pretty easy!
  10. You can learn Thai online, anywhere and anytime.
  11. Conclusion

1. Thailand has a rich culture.

Thailand may be a famous travel destination with natural beauty and an inexpensive cost of living, but many people become interested in something else while visiting: the Thai society and culture. 

Thai food is delicious, the local art is unique and beautiful, and many people like how Thai people live.  

If you like Thailand, this is a great reason why you should learn Thai. The language itself is a part of Thai culture, and knowing at least the basics will enable you to understand the culture and society better.

2. It’s a nice place for retirement.

Thinking about retirement? Here are just a few reasons Thailand is the perfect place to spend your golden years: 

But there’s a hitch: Not all Thai people can speak English.  

Close your eyes and imagine you’re grocery shopping or trying to go somewhere by yourself. You try asking someone for help, but you cannot communicate with anyone because of the language barrier. As a result, you end up spending money on something you don’t want or get lost.

So, if your retirement plan is to live in Thailand, learning the Thai language is essential. If you can communicate, life will be much easier for you!

An Old Man Painting Something

I want to live in Thailand after retirement.

3. Learning Thai will increase your work opportunities and career options.

Another compelling reason why you should learn Thai is that it will benefit your work life—especially if you plan to work abroad or with an international company! 

First of all, it will make communication with your coworkers so much easier. Most of the Thai people you’ll work with may not be able to communicate in English well, so knowing their language will allow for smoother operations in the workplace.

Second, learning the Thai language will help you understand the Thai culture and how Thai people think. When working abroad, cultural differences in the workplace often cause problems. Knowing the Thai language can help you see your coworkers’ point of view and reduce the number of issues resulting from cultural differences. 

Third, better communication can improve the quality of work and even lead to a promotion!

Finally, learning a foreign language broadens your career options. Thailand is quite open to foreign workers, and knowing Thai will give you more career opportunities in this beautiful country. 

4. It will also increase your business opportunities.

As mentioned earlier, learning the language will help you understand Thai people better—and this is the key to doing good business here! 

Your cultural knowledge, combined with the insight you gain through conversations with others, will make you a more appealing individual with whom to do business. And believe us, there are tons of business opportunities here! For example, you could…

  • …invest in interesting projects that have a chance to be successful but have no funding.  
  • …invent products and services for Thai people.  
  • …find markets for Thai exported products.
  • …own and operate a big business in Thailand.
A Man Shaking Hands with a Woman During a Business-related Meeting

Because I know Thai, I am able to make great business deals.

5. You’ll have better travel experiences.

When you travel, it’s always better to know the language of the country you’re visiting. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though…what makes Thailand such a fantastic travel destination? 

  • Thailand is full of natural beauty.
  • The country has a unique art scene. 
  • The food here is to die for! 
  • Believe it or not, traveling in Thailand is fairly inexpensive. 

Future plans to visit this stunning country is a great reason to learn Thai, and here’s why: 

First of all, there will be less chance of you getting lost—and even if you did get really lost, you could ask locals for directions. On a side note: Don’t be afraid to ask locals for help! Even if your Thai isn’t up to par yet, most locals will be more than willing to help you out. 

Second, you’ll be able to experience living like a local. Some tourists worry about the language barrier; they typically feel more comfortable going to restaurants with menus in English or places with English-speaking staff. However, if you know the Thai language, you won’t have to worry about that at all. You’ll be able to visit the restaurants and places most popular among locals.

Third, you can bargain and ask for discounts when shopping. Anyone who loves shopping also loves a good discount. And let us tell you, if you go to a Thai market and can talk the talk, most sellers will often give you a small discount or giveaway.  

6. You’ll be able to communicate better with loved ones.

Speaking in English with Thai people—even if they know the language well—is not the same as using their native tongue. 

If you have family members, a partner, or friends who are Thai, communicating with them in their mother tongue can strengthen your bonds with them. Taking the time and putting in the effort to learn their language will show them you care and really want to maintain a good relationship.

Moreover, your loved one will be more than happy to help you practice your Thai once you make the commitment—it’s a win-win situation!

Two Thai Women Sitting on a Sofa and Talking

I can talk to my Thai friend in Thai.

7. Your life in Thailand will be much more convenient. 

Do you plan to live or work in Thailand? Or maybe you want to visit often? These are good reasons why you should learn Thai! 

We’ve touched on this a little bit in our previous points, but to recap, you’ll be able to…

  • …visit a greater variety of restaurants, shops, and less-touristic locations with ease! 
  • …read signs and understand announcements. 
  • …communicate with Thai people who do not speak English well (juristic office staff, mechanics, etc.). 

8. You’ll have a better chance of wooing a Thai lover. 

Communication is key in any romantic relationship. When you live together with someone, you want to talk to one another and share your thoughts. 

If you’ve recently found yourself swooning over a potential Thai lover, you should consider making the effort to learn their native tongue. After all, Google Translate isn’t really a practical way to share your innermost feelings with someone. 

Do you already have a Thai partner? Then learning their mother tongue will show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile! 

9. The grammar is actually pretty easy! 

While deciding whether to learn a foreign language or not, one usually takes into consideration how difficult that language is. If a given language is particularly difficult or has complex grammar rules, you might opt to study a different one. 

Fortunately for you, Thai grammar is very easy! Here’s why:

  • There is no grammatical gender.
  • There is no verb conjugation.  
  • Most of the sentence structures are quite simple and similar to those in English.  

For more useful information on the topic, visit our lesson on Thai Grammar or read our article Is Thai Difficult to Learn? (And Tips to Succeed!).

10. You can learn Thai online, anywhere and anytime.

Still wondering why to learn Thai? 

Well, studying foreign languages is so much easier today than in times past. 

With the internet, you can learn Thai at your own pace from anywhere in the world. If you’re wondering where to learn Thai online, look no further than! While there are a few different resources available, we can offer the best results! 

Our professional language learning platform has become one of the best ways to learn Thai. We create lessons and materials designed to speed up your learning progress, and we even design curated pathways for learners at different levels. When you create your account with ThaiPod101, you get all of this in addition to support from Thai teachers and practical tips on how to learn Thai effectively.

A Woman Doing Something on Her Tablet

It’s so convenient to learn Thai online at

11. Conclusion

As you can see, there are many good reasons for you to learn Thai.  

After reading this article, what are your thoughts on learning the language? Are you any closer to making a decision? 

If you would like to sample what to expect from the Thai language (and from our learning platform), we recommend checking out these fun lessons on 

Happy learning!

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